The Most Iconic Pubs in Outback Australia

Because even in the desert you can still find a cold beer closeby.

We’ve all had the dream of travelling around Australia in a van, hopping from place to place through the outback and sleeping under the stars. Along the way, you’re definitely going to need to stay hydrated, and there’s no better place to do that than at some of Australia’s most iconic outback pubs.

There’s a bit of romance to it all. Stopping by these outback pubs you’ll be sharing the same space with Australian icons such as Banjo Patterson, and plenty more that have traipsed around the country. So, hit the road, these are the best pubs—and most iconic—in outback Australia.

The sunset shines through the verandah at the Birdsville Hotel.
Photo: Birdsville Hotel (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Birdsville Hotel

It’s hard to start a list like this without first going to the Birdsville Hotel, an outback pub that most people would know about. Birdsville, in Queensland, is near the South Australian border and is home to the famous Birdsville Races that see thousands of people descend on the remote town every September.

You can get to the Birdsville Hotel by light plane, or by car. The drive is 17.5 hours from Brisbane, or 22 hours from Adelaide. The hotel has accommodation options, dining rooms, and of course a front bar that serves up plenty of cold beer for weary travellers.

Photo: William Creek Hotel

William Creek Hotel

South Australia
Found on the iconic Oodnadatta Track near Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park, the William Creek Hotel is a magnificent outback pub that has plenty of accommodation, and room for camping. The outback pub is in the northeastern part of South Australia and is about a two-hour drive from Coober Pedy and just over nine hours from Adelaide. You could do the drive between the William Creek Hotel, and the Birdsville Hotel in about 11.5 hours.

You can take scenic flights over Lake Eyre from the hotel—it’s not unusual to see a plethora of light planes parked outside the pub—as well as explore the nearby opal towns. The William Creek Hotel has a dining room and bar.

Silverton Hotel in New South wales with an abandoned car parked in front.
Photo: Silverton Hotel (Visit NSW)

Silverton Hotel

New South Wales
You’ve actually been to the Silverton Hotel, well, at least at the movies. The Silverton Hotel has featured in movies such as Mad Max 2, Wake In Fright, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Mission: Impossible 2.

Silverton is a small, mostly abandoned, mining town that is about a 20-minute drive from the outback mining mecca, Broken Hill. The town today has a permanent population of approximately 50 people. The Silverton Hotel is open daily and has a dining room and accommodation.

External view of the Daly Waters Pub.
Photo: Daly Waters Pub (NT News)

Daly Waters Pub

Northern Territory
The Daly Waters Pub has been pouring beers for almost 100 years. The outback pub can be found in the northern part of the Northern Territory, although it’s still a six-hour drive from Darwin. The pub’s ceiling is adorned with hundreds of bras, a tradition stemming from a bet between a coach driver and his passengers in the 80s, and now visitors leave their mark in all sorts of ways.

The Daly Waters Pub has a great selection of food and is one of a very few venues that provide beer on tap along the Sturt Highway.

Photo: Blue Heeler Hotel (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Blue Heeler Hotel

Find the Blue Heeler Hotel in north-western Queensland on the road between Brisbane and Darwin. The Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna was built in 1889, and is famous for being the venue where Banjo Patterson first recited the iconic Australian poem, ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

The pub has a caravan park area with powered sites, bathrooms, and hot showers—perfect after a day on the road.

Photo: Nindigully Pub (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Nindigully Pub

A little more accessible than some of the other pubs mentioned on this list, the Nindigully Pub can be found in Queensland near the New South Wales border and is a five and a half-hour drive from Brisbane. ‘The Gully’ is Queensland’s oldest hotel, and is situated on the banks of the Moonie River.

The Nindigully Pub is home to the ‘Road Train’ burger, an enormous burger with the lot that takes a minimum of four hungry travellers to finish. Book in advance if you plan on devouring this beast of a burger.

Photo: Grand Hotel Kookynie (Julia D’Orazio)

Grand Hotel Kookynie

Western Australia
The Grand Hotel Kookynie serves a town of 13 permanent residents and plenty of road trippers through Western Australia’s goldfields. The pub is about a two-hour drive north from the gold mining centre of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. The town may be small, but the Grand Hotel Kookynie has everything you would expect from an outback pub, with cold beer, great food, and rooms available.

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