The Best Cliff-Edge Views in Australia

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Do you get a thrill standing on a cliff edge, watching the waves crash against sharp-edged rocks? You’re not alone. We love to spice up our adventures, which often means finding a dizzying cliff drop somewhere and taking in its intimidating beauty. 

Cliff edges often have the best views whether it’s of the ocean or the desert, you’re guaranteed a great lookout from the edge. 

Here are the best cliff-edge views you will find in Australia.

New South Wales and ACT


Wedding Cake Rock

Royal National Park
Wedding Cake Rock is a popular and very fragile rock formation. It sits along the challenging Coast track in Sydney’s Royal National Park. As far as cliff-edge views go, it’s pretty spectacular. Although, half the danger is getting there. The rock is fenced off, and there are warning signs about trespassing, although it still remains a popular tourist spot. 


Bouddi Coastal Walk

Darkinjung Country
The Bouddie Coastal walk takes hikers to the very edge of the national park, overlooking the ocean, and coastline. The best part about this cliff edge isn’t the view but the cliff itself. The rocks have been carved by nature, leaving behind red and orange stones, with patterns and shapes edged into them. It’s a magnificent sight. 

Victoria and Tasmania


The Twelve Apostles

Constant erosion by wind and sea formed caves and bridges. When they collapsed, the Twelve Apostles were formed. Standing on the edge of the jagged coast, along the Great Ocean Road, you can view the tall sea stacks in all their glory. You can also get a great view of the coast and the crashing waters below. 


The Tasman Peninsula

Tasman Peninsula
The Tasman Peninsula is home to rugged coastlines and amazing rock formations. Venture to Eaglehawk Neck for cliff-edge views of the coastal rock formations, connecting the peninsulas. Keep an eye out for the waterfalls that flow down sheer cliffs into the ocean. 


Waterfall Bay

Waterfall Bay
Plunging over 100 metres directly into the sea is Waterfall Bay, a stretch of golden cliffs you can walk along. The bay itself is spectacular to see, and the waterfall is just a bonus. If you follow along the well-formed trail at Tasman Arch, you will find more dizzying cliff drops, views, and lookouts. 

Western Australia and South Australia


Bungle Bungle Ranges

Purnululu National Park
Although the Bungle Bungle Ranges is best seen from above, you can venture to the cliffs-edge for a hair raising view of the 350-million year-old gorges and pools. There are five walks to choose from, including the domes walk, which takes you up and close to the tiger-striped domes. For a cliff-edge view, take the Picaninny Creek Lookout track.

Remarkable Rocks

Flinders Chase National Park
Perched above the sea, the Remarkable Rocks are a peculiar cluster of granite boulders. They were shaped by wind and sea spray, resulting in odd shapes, that are mesmerising to look at. Although the rocks sit on a cliff, you can venture to the edge for views of the ocean or admire the rocks on the shelf. 


Bunda Cliffs

Nullarbor Plain
The Bunda Cliffs are South Australia’s most famous limestone cliffs. The natural landmark is isolated and recognised by its bleached bottom half. They stretch for approximately 100 kilometres and range between 60-100 metres tall. The best way to see them is via helicopter, although if you prefer to stay grounded, you can drive up to the cliffs and take in the view. Some areas of the cliffs are so remote, no one has stepped foot on them. 

Queensland and Northern Territory



Katherine Gorge
The Katherine Gorge is not a stranger to cliff drops. This one at Nitmiluk is a dizzying 24 metres drop, and is known as a great spot to go cliff diving, should you have the urge to spice things up on your adventure. Although, be sure to check water depth before diving. If you don’t want to dive, simply take in the view of the river and desert surrounding you. 


Kings Canyon Rim Walk

Kings Canyon
The Kings Canyon rim walk is a circuit, where you walk the cliff all the way around the dramatic landscape of Kings Canyon. You will have to climb 500 stairs to get to the clifftop, but once you’re there the views are worth it. You can even stop by the Garden of Eden, a lush green watering hole. The best time to walk Kings Canyon is during sunrise, when you can get to the top before the sun reflects on the sandstone, creating a colour palette of oranges, reds, and yellows. 


Rainbow Beach

Sunshine Coast
The cliffs here are mostly sand cliffs, which reach over 200 metres high, made up of 72 different colours of sand. Aptly named Rainbow Beach, you can walk the edge of the cliff, to get great views of the beach, ocean, and continuing coastline. 

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