Australia’s Best Beach Lookouts

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Whether you’re on a road trip or looking for a local day walk, lookouts are worth the diversion, especially when it boasts panoramic views of Australia’s world-envied coastline and beaches. 

We’ve picked out the best beach lookouts you can visit for jaw-dropping views, to make you stop and pause every time. 

New South Wales and ACT

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @ dani____elle

Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk

Barrenjoey Head
Barrenjoey Head has one of the best vantage points over Sydney’s Palm Beach. It’s only a 30-minute walk to the peak, and once you’re there, you can see the vast stretch of the Pacific Ocean to the Hawkesbury River, and the sandy stretches below. You will also find the heritage lighthouse nearby and keeper’s cottages. 

best beach lookouts australia
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Minnamurra Lookout

If you’ve ever been to Kiama, you probably explored the blowhole, lighthouse, and many restaurants by the water. Although, for one of the best views in town, visit Minnamurra Lookout, located on the Minnamurra Headland north of Kiama. You can walk the open grassy areas, to get to the cliff edge, which offers panoramic views of the river, Stack Island, and the roaring ocean below. 

best beach lookouts australia

Light to Light Walk

Ben Boyd National Park
Although this can be a multi-day walk, if you’re just wanting to take advantage of the views, take the track to the lighthouse for views of the Green Cape area, including the cliffs and beaches nearby. 

Victoria and Tasmania

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @theoceandiaries_

Red Bluff Lookout

Black Rock
Red Bluff is a border of 225 metre high red cliffs, which are equally as stunning as the views from the top. You can start at the beach and walk to the top for a longer hike experience, or you can take a shorter trail and walk along the clifftop for spectacular views. There are plenty of lookouts here to, so be sure to stop and take them all in. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @sightseer56

Pinnacles Lookout

Phillip Island
Head to Phillip Island, to view The Pinnacles—dramatic granite rock structures. There are several walks you can take, but there are easier options for those who prefer to drive up to the lookout. The easiest path is to head down to the beach then take the stairs to the left to walk up to the lookout. Once there, you’re met with scenic views of the island, the ocean, and of course, the wondrous granite structure.

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @outbackosteos

Wineglass Bay Lookout

Freycinet National Park
Freycinet National Park is Tasmania’s claim to fame. This beautiful slice of nature, transitions from white sandy beaches to rugged bushland, to rainforest, and mountain peaks. For the best views, hike up to Wineglass Bay Lookout, for uninterrupted views over a shoreline shaped like a wine glass. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @michaelmartinsphotos

Fossil Bay Lookout

Eaglehawk Neck
Eaglehawk Neck is an adventure-lovers paradise. Apart from legendary diving spots, there is a lookout, which sits right next to a blowhole at the end of the peninsula. Here, you can not only see but hear and experience the roaring ocean waves crashing below. You will also be treated to views of the open ocean and dolerite cliffs. 

Western Australia and South Australia

best beach lookouts australia

Observatory Point and Lookout

Esperance is an up and coming tourist spot, known for its white-sand beaches, clear blue waters, and resident kangaroos. It’s also a great spot for whale watching from June to October. To get a better view of the coastline and beach, head up to Observatory Point, which is reached via a gentle climb up wooden stairs. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @leighannetravels

Shelley Beach Lookout

West Cape Howe National Park
Shelley Beach Lookout is popular with hang gliders who often run off the lookout to take to the skies. Although if you don’t feel like flying today, you can always just stand at the edge of the lookout and take in the view of the jagged coastline. The lookout is less than 50 metres from the car park, so it’s an easy one to get to. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @riji_photography

Ethel Wreck Beach Lookout

Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park
This lookout offers more than just coastal views from high altitudes. Surrounded by towering cliffs, Ethel Beach is normally covered in sand, but below, you will be able to spot Ethel, a 71-tonne, three-mastered iron ship, which ran aground in a storm en route from South Africa. The best way to view it is from above at the lookout reached via the wooden stairs. 

Photo: @lienrachor

Golden Island Lookout

Coffin Bay
Take an easy stroll to Golden Island lookout and peer out over the southern coastal edge of Coffin Bay National Park. despite its name, this spot is beautiful and teeming with marine life, including resident dolphins, sharks and bronze whalers. From the lookout, you can also see the waves crashing together at right-angles over the rocky reef.

Queensland and Northern Territory

best beach lookouts australia

North Burleigh Lookout

Burleigh Head National Park is where marine adventurers go surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkelling, and hiking. There’s a walk that leads around the headland at sea level or the Rainforest circuit takes you right to the summit, which is 88 metres above sea level, for overhead views of the beach, and even spot some humpback whales in winter and spring. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @markingoffthemap

Lamberts Lookout

Mackay Region
Overlooking Lamberts Beach, the lookout is accessible and easy to reach but offers a viewing platform to stunning views. It’s particularly beautiful at sunset, when the sky turns to fire, boasting oranges, pinks, and sometimes purples. It’s a popular spot for wedding photography, and there are shady areas, picnic tables and barbecues, in case you want to enjoy the view for a little longer. 

best beach lookouts australia
Photo: @louisedentonphotography

Nightcliff Foreshore

Although this technically isn’t a lookout, it does offer a stunning view of the ocean in Nightcliff. Walk to the end of the pier to stare at the endless horizon. It’s best to go during golden hour or sunset when the colours really shine. You can have a picnic, or try one of the pop-up food trucks that frequent the area. 

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