Bethesda Softworks and Uber Eats Deliver the Wonders of Starfield Via a Sci-Fi Storefront

Bethesda Softworks ANZ and technology platform Uber have partnered to deliver out-of-this-world items from their hit title, Starfield™, with a virtual store set to open to Sydneysiders.

The Starfield storefront features a collection of food, beverages and unique items that will be available for a limited time until sold out and exclusively through Uber Eats on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October.

For this interstellar experience, Uber Eats travelled through space to deliver the tastes of Starfield’s varied universe via a themed in-app storefront styled after the game. Eager explorers can order limited edition Starfield items that will be delivered direct to their door.

The wide range of Starfield in-game items and snacks* fans will be able to choose from on Uber Eats includes:

Food & Drink:

  • Starfield ‘Bitten’ Sandwich (A salami and cheese sandwich) – [$7.50]
  • Starfield Chunks (Red Cheesecake and Constellation) – [$9.40]
  • Starfield Tranquilitea Space Bean Espresso Coffee Bag – [$16.50]
  • Starfield Boom Pop! (Cola, Cherry, Orange, and Root Beer) – [$7.50]
  • Centauri Mills Cheddar Snack Crackers – [$9.00]
  • Advanced Nutrition Snack Pack (Choco Bites, White Choco Bites, and Gummi Bugs) – [$7.50]

Exclusive Merch Items:

  • Starfield Nova Galactic Mug – [$5.50]
  • Starfield Constellation Toilet Paper – [$1.20]
  • Starfield Nova Galactic Flight Manual – [$12.00]
  • Starfield TerraBrew “To Go” Cup – [$5.00]s
  • Constellation Succulent Plant & Pot – [$12.00]

“From sweetrolls to sandwiches, food has always been a big part of Bethesda’s immersive worlds. With Uber Eats we’re able to bring fan favourite and never before seen items from Starfield into reality, and right to the doors of the players enjoying the game,” said VP & Managing Director, Bethesda APAC, Simon Alty. “We can’t wait for fans to try the menu items available and experience a little taste of what life among the stars could be like.”

“We’ve taken our quest to get almost, almost anything to new heights – and in a tongue in cheek way to new galaxies. We’re delighted to be part of Starfield’s out of this world moment to bring the online into everyday life all while blurring the line further on what you can and can’t get on Uber Eats,” said Head of Marketing, Uber ANZ, David Griffiths, “Our selection across different retail universes continues to deepen, and while we are usually bound by earthly limitations it’s a delight to help deliver these once fictional items to superfans – albeit for a limited time.”

Fans excited to experience food and drinks from the future can visit Bethesda ANZ socials to keep up to date with news on the Uber Eats collaboration. Make sure to follow Bethesda ANZ on Twitter and Facebook to not miss out and for more news about Starfield.


Mad Mex’s New Menu Item Is Inspired by a Popular Mexican Street Food

mad mex chicken al pastor

Mexican restaurant chain Mad Mex has dropped a new protein, and it’s one of the most popular street foods in Mexico.

Enter, Chicken Al Pastor. It’s traditionally made with pork and grilled on a spinning rotisserie with a pineapple sitting a top, but Mad Mex has put its own spin on it, serving chicken bathed in an Al Pastor marinade with a touch of juicy pineapple.

You can order the protein-packed filling in your favourite burrito, bowl, quesadilla, nachos, or in a taco.

As always, these things are here for a good time, not a long time. Pop into your local Mad Mex restaurant, order delivery or through the Mad Mex app today.

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