The ‘Airbnb of Pools’ Is Now the ‘Airbnb of Pickleball,’ Too

Swimply just launched the ability to rent pickleball courts on its platform.

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As popularity has increased for pickleball, the all-the-rage sport that is similar to tennis with a hint of badminton and ping-pong to it, finding a free court to play has become, in a sense, its own competitive sport. With over 36 million players picking up paddles across the US, the meteoric rise of the sport has even created drama in some cities, from noise complaint lawsuits from neighbors in New York City tired of the signature sound of the sport, to fights between neighbors and the park district shutting down courts in Chicago.

If you’re struggling to find a court to play this trendy sport, there might be a solution in your area: private pickleball court rentals! Swimply, the app known as the Airbnb of pools, is expanding its rental options to include pickleball courts to rent for your own private gameplay.

The app already has hundreds of courts listed across the US, all to rent with prices ranging between $25 and $100 per hour. For those not in the pickling know, each game of pickleball lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, so even an hour packs in plenty of time to get your game on. Options for courts are still a bit limited, especially in comparison to the over 25,000 pools, hot tubs, and tennis courts available to rent on the app across the US, Canada, and Australia.

A quick search in Chicago, where the previously mentioned pickleball drama happened earlier this year, only yields a single court available 26 miles away in the suburbs. That being said, it is a lovely court with five layers of surface, wind reduction from the trees in the beautiful wooded area around the court, and even lessons available from the owner, all for $40 an hour.

To be fair, Chicago isn’t ideal for year-round pickleball, so it’s not surprising the app highlights court locations in warmer weather states like California, Arizona, and Texas. Head over to Swimply now to check out courts in your area, and, hey, if nothing else maybe find a hot tub to relax and soak away those achy muscles from playing all that pickleball.Want more Thrillist? Follow us on InstagramTikTokTwitterFacebookPinterest, and YouTube.

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