The Most Dangerous Tourist Activities, Ranked

Riding in a deep sea submersible did not top the new list.

Rick Neves/Moment/Getty Images
Rick Neves/Moment/Getty Images
Rick Neves/Moment/Getty Images

Recent events have served as a reminder that extreme adventures are considered extreme for a reason. The recent attempted dive to reach the Titanic wreckage was not just extremely expensive, with $250,000 tickets, but also extremely dangerous-multiple experts warned CEO Stockton Rush against making the dive. Now, two different museums are adding five more names to their Titanic memorials, more than 100 years after the ship sank.

But boarding a cheaply constructed submarine to some of the greatest ocean depths isn’t the only dangerous activity tourists engage in. Nomadic Yak, a travel site, recently compiled the 36 deadliest vacation activities and adventure sports based on available fatality rate data from the US, UK, Australia, and Europe. Before you start panic canceling all of your adventures, know that the deadliest activity on this list has a 0.032% chance of death. Check out the complete list below, including the fatality rate of each activity:

1. Mountaineering and Rock Climbing, 1 in 3,125
2. Cave Diving, 1 in 3,333
3. Driving, 1 in 7,142
4. Horseback Riding, 1 in 10,000
5. Paragliding, 1 in 13,513
6. Mountain Biking, 1 in 28,571
7. Hiking, 1 in 50,000
8. Motorcycle Riding, 1 in 58,823
9. Sky Diving, 1 in 90,909
10. Running of the Bulls, 1 in 111,111
11. Eating (Food Poisoning), 1 in 112,359
12. Jet Skiing, 1 in 125,000
13. Binge Drinking (Alcohol Poisoning), 1 in 142,857
14. Swimming (Open Water), 1 in 156,250
15. Surfing, 1 in 158,730
16. Sightseeing Flights (Plane and Helicopter), 1 in 181,818
17. White Water Rafting, 1 in 181,818
18. Submersible Tours, 1 in 200,000
19. Snorkelling, 1 in 200,000
20. Boating (Motor), 1 in 263,158
21. Cycling, 1 in 270,270
22. Swimming (Pool), 1 in 400,000
23. Bungee Jumping, 1 in 500,000
24. Hot Air Ballooning, 1 in 500,000
25. Recreational Scuba Diving, 1 in 555,556
26. Caving, 1 in 666,667
27. Skiing and Snowboarding, 1 in 1,075,269
28. Volcano Visits, 1 in 2,325,581
29. E-Scootering, 1 in 2,500,000
30. Ziplining, 1 in 50,000,000
31. Theme Park Rides, 1 in 100,000,000
32. Zorbing (no reported deaths)
33. Skywalks (no reported deaths)
34. Nuclear Tours (no reported deaths)
35. Shark Cage Diving (no reported deaths)
36. Volcano Boarding (no reported deaths)

You’ll notice that hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding all rank as more dangerous than riding in a submersible. That might feel unlikely considering the fate of the Titan, but most submarine tourism is operating out of vehicles that are much more regulated and aren’t making such deep dives.

What might come as the biggest surprise is that the five safest activities include shark cage diving, nuclear tours, zorbing (riding in a ball like Bubble Boy), theme park rides, and volcano boarding. That’s right! Shark cage diving is actually much, much, much safer than horseback riding.

“I hope this study reminds travelers that many of the adventure sports we consider perilous are extremely safe-and many of the holiday activities that we consider commonplace can actually be surprisingly dangerous,” Harry Dale, founder of Nomadic Yak, tells Thrillist.

You can get into all of the specifics about which activities are the most dangerous over on Nomadic Yak. I will be much quicker to book a shark dive over a paragliding going forward.

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