These European Cities Were Just Named the Top Travel Destinations for Foodies

A new study ranked European capitals based on what they have to offer the food-focused traveler.

Tim E White/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Tim E White/The Image Bank/Getty Images
Tim E White/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One of travel’s many perks is that the more you do it, the more you discover new cuisines and taste delicious food. If you’re a real foodie, you’ll also know that some cities are just better than others when it comes to dining, and that has to do not only with the quality of the materials, but also how affordable it is to eat at a restaurant.

For your next Europe trip, you now have a bit let to research beforehand. Casino review site Bonusetu just released the results of a new study where it analyzed 44 different European capital cities and ranked them based on how foodie-friendly they all are.

In order to create this foodie-friendly list, Bonusetu took a variety of factors into account, landing on a Foodie Index Score for each city. It looked at basic data such as the total number of standard and Michelin Guide restaurants per square mile, and it also gathered information on the affordability of a three-course meal for two, the number of different cuisines on offer, and the percentage of restaurants offering vegan options in each city.

Differently than what one might think, no huge European metropolis was crowned as the best of all. The queen of the list, instead, is Valletta, the capital of Malta, which was awarded the title of best European capital for foodies. With over 254 restaurants in total, the Maltese capital flaunts an incredible number of options when considering how tiny the city is. Its area is barely 0.24 square miles, which translates to 1,058 restaurants per square mile. Additionally, it boasts 10 Michelin Guide restaurants, and it has the highest percentage of vegan food options. Dining there isn’t too pricey, either, and a three-course meal for two people averages €75 (roughly $80).

“Food and travel often go hand in hand, and many tourists will factor in a city’s reputation for cuisine when organizing their travel plans,” a spokesperson from Bonusetu said. “For those looking to tick some capital cities off their bucket list, Valletta offers a large range of restaurants within walking distance of one another, and some hidden gems if you know where to look.”

Perhaps less surprisingly, Paris ranked second on the list. The study found the City of Lights has an average of 386 restaurants per square mile, and dining can be pretty affordable, too. There, you can take your buddy out to dinner and enjoy a three-course meal for an average of €60 (about $64), and you’ll have 198 different cuisines to choose from. Paris also boasts the highest number of Michelin Guide restaurants compared to other European capitals, and there are 449 of them.

If you’re a fan of Greek food, you’ll be pleased to know that Athens snagged the third spot on the list. The Greek capital not only offers delicious local food, but it is also home to many different cuisines to please every palate. There are 150 of them to choose from, and they are spread across Athen’s 2,596 restaurants. Vegan options are big in Athens, too, with 19% of its restaurants offering them. In Athens, dining out won’t even break your bank, since the average cost of a three-course meal for two is €50, which is around $53.

Take a look at the list of the 20 best European capital cities for foodies below:

1. Valletta, Malta
2. Paris, France
3. Athens, Greece
4. Brussels, Belgium
5. Lisbon, Portugal
6. London, United Kingdom
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
8. Madrid, Spain
9. Monaco, Monaco
10. Dublin, Ireland
11. Berlin, Germany
12. Stockholm, Sweden
13. Prague, Czechia
14. Budapest, Hungary
15. Vienna, Austria
16. Rome, Italy
17. Copenhagen, Denmark
18. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
19. Belgrade, Serbia
20. Warsaw, Poland

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