The Hotel vs. Airbnb Debate Is Dividing Reddit Right Now

There are pros and cons to both accommodation option featured in this ongoing debate.

Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images
Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, someone on Reddit¬†has stirred up quite the debate-and this time, it has to do with your accommodation preferences when you’re on vacation.

It was a calm morning on r/Travel when someone decided to open Pandora’s box and ask the always-divisive question. “Why do you prefer a resort/villa/air bnb/hotel?” one user asked. “Finally I know I love an adults-only resort because I love being around people but not children. I feel like a villa/air bnb especially when it’s just two people is too quiet. Why do you love or hate any of the above?”Many opinionated travelers answered the call, and the thread quickly became a very useful tool for all those who somehow still have to form an opinion on the matter. Which brings us here-if you are still confused whether a hotel is better than an Airbnb or other vacation rental, then look no further. We gathered the top responses for each, and laid them out here highlighting the most popular pros and cons (according to Redditors) to help you make up your mind.

Pros and cons of hotels and resorts

Some people like hotels just because of everything they are not. According to the very top comment in the thread, hotels are better because, unlike all-inclusive resorts, there are lower chances of you eating and drinking poorly. “Nice to have the endless beers served to you at [the] pool or beach. Food whenever you want it,” reads the comment referring to a past experience at an all-inclusive resort. “On the other hand, bartenders had no idea on how to mix a drink. Food always came out of the hotel kitchens very quick, so I’d assume it was all pre-made, and that’s not going to be great food.”

One argument against that thesis is that it really depends on the resort you’re staying at, and sometimes you might just get unlucky. But another argument in favor of hotels, instead, is much stronger. “Not interested in someone else’s home,” reads another comment supporting the hotel choice. “Not interested in cooking on vacation.” Another user pointed out that when you’re staying in a hotel, you are not required to really clean up after yourself-which, at times, is outlined as an expectation of the hosts of some vacation rentals.

Plus, hotels and their staff can help you 24/7-and the more you come back, the more they reward you. “I like hotels. I basically want a place to sleep,” reads another comment. “If I need anything I call the front desk. I used to travel a lot for work so there is actually some real value in hotel awards programs. [I] have gotten some free nights at some really nice properties.”

Pros and cons of Airbnbs and vacation rentals

Other folks will instead defend Airbnbs and other vacation rentals at all costs.

First of all, there is the local feel an Airbnb gives you compared to a hotel. “I like Airbnbs because they feel much more real than a generic hotel,” reads one comment. “I can get a whole apartment in a real neighborhood in a city [and] get a feel for what living in a different city is really like. I also like the extra space and having a kitchen to cook if I want to save money.” Plus, while this isn’t always true, Airbnbs tend to be “cheaper than hotel rooms of equal niceness,” as one Redditor put it.

According to some Reddit users, those who had negative experiences with Airbnb simply didn’t do enough research beforehand. “We spend a lot of time searching, reading reviews etc.,” said one Redditor. “We just like planning and have not had a bad experience. I like having my own space and have found some nice spots in parts of cities where you can’t get a hotel.”

And as vacation rental supporters will have you know, Airbnbs and other vacation rentals come with many perks-including a much more laid-back and freedom-oriented lifestyle. “Depending on the rental, you have private amenities, unrestricted kitchen and refrigeration access, patio space and complete privacy in general,” notes one user. “You can make noise without worry (within reason). You can cook. You don’t have to share the pool. It’s much more conducive to that style of laid back, private group vibe than hotels or resorts are.”

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