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Tim Chantarangsu's Day Off in Paramount Is a Cool High School Fever Dream

The comedian and ‘Send Foodz' host shows us the best late-night burgers and where to get mouthwatering lengua tacos.


You might remember him as Timothy DeLaGhetto, the freestyler spitting bars on YouTube in the early 2000s, or you might know him as the host from MTV’s Deliciousness. Maybe you recognize his face from Thrillist’s “Send Foodz.” If any of these references ring a bell, you definitely know a few other things: Tim Chantarangsu is hilarious, and he loves food.

Chantarangsu’s hometown of Paramount, California is the perfect synthesis of the comedian’s foodie soul and his entertaining personality. Paramount welcomed Chantarangsu, a Thai-American, between the ages of 10 and 20, and showed him a reality in which he was suddenly one of the few Asian kids at school. That was new for him, but eventually he was able to find his vibe.

“When I first went to Paramount [High], I was like, ‘Yo, am I actually shy? Am I not the outgoing person who I thought I was?'” he recalled. “But eventually, I realized, ‘Nah, I’m hilarious!'”

In Thrillist’s new series “Ride With Me,” Chantarangsu takes us through Paramount’s hot spots from the perspective of a cool local high schooler who has no problem making friends. Drive-thru burger joints to hit after the football game, bustling horchata cafes owned by his high school best friends, and wings so hot they actually require you to sign a disclaimer are only some of Chantarangsu’s favorite joints in town.

Grab your varsity jacket and come with us-we’re going to Paramount.

Places to Eat & Drink

Tam’s Burgers
The menu at Tam’s Burgers is so massive that it can be intimidating at first. Luckily, we have the perfect guide. Chantarangsu has been coming here since high school, when everybody would gather at Tam’s after a football game.

Chantarangsu admits that he’s probably tried only three items from the huge menu, but every once in a while he mixes it up and orders a pastrami burger, which he described as “bomb.”

Tam’s has something for just about everyone and just about any occasion, especially if you’re visiting after a wild night out. “They do a nice little Thousand Island, lettuce, tomato situation, [and] the greasy glob of Tam’s chili cheese fries is just what you need after a drunk night.”

Horchateria Rio Luna
Both Chantarangsu and his wife swear by this place. Are you suddenly craving loaded churros? This is your spot.

Ashley Leon, one of Chantarangsu’s best friends from high school, always wanted to open up a spot in Paramount. Eventually, Horchateria Rio Luna was born. “It really popped off,” said Chantarangsu, who’s a big supporter of Leon. “It was just dope to watch her do that, because I saw this idea brewing in her mind, and then she made it happen.”

Fresh horchata, horchata frappuccinos, horchata ice cream, and loaded churros are just a few of Chantarangsu’s favorite picks. And he isn’t the only one. “My wife is addicted to it, too,” he said. “She’s always like, ‘Yo, let’s go get some hot churros and some horchata ice cream on top.'”

Get a tall glass of milk ready and pull out your pen. These wings are so spicy you’ll actually need to sign a waiver to eat them. They’ll have you “screaming and drooling,” as Chantarangsu puts it. You have been warned.

It’s not like he doesn’t know spicy food. “My family had a Thai food restaurant in Paramount for 20 years, and Thai people do love their spicy food,” he said. “But when I have my wings, I don’t go OD with the spice. They have wings called, I think it’s the Atomic Wings, where you actually have to sign a waiver. I did that once for a YouTube video. It was rough.”

Giyo’s Tacos
If you’ve never had lengua tacos, add them to your list. These tacos are made with beef tongue, and they’re among Chantarangsu’s favorite items from the menu.

Actually, Chantarangsu thinks everything on Giyo’s Tacos’ menu is “fire.” Their food is “just bomb,” he said. The small hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a must-visit food spot for him, and he makes sure to rave about the place to his friends whenever he can. “That’s just another spot I’m like, okay, I tell all the out town homies, ‘We got to go to Giyo’s Tacos,'” he said.Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Serena Tara is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Los Angeles

Marcus Scribner's Day Off in Crenshaw, LA Is a Tour of BBQ, Fried Chicken & Soul Food

The ‘Blackish' actor takes us to his favorite restaurants in his hometown of Crenshaw.


Without tooting his own horn, Marcus Scribner likes to say that Los Angeles made him into a well-rounded human being. It’s all thanks to the city’s diverse mix of experiences, people, and culture.

“What I love most about LA is I feel like we have so many different biomes and people from different backgrounds,” the Blackish actor said in a recent interview with Thrillist. “I would just hop all around town all the time and get all those different experiences.”

Crenshaw, though, holds a special place in Scribner’s heart. It’s kind of like an oasis of peace and community for him. “It’s still a predominantly Black neighbourhood,” he explained. “Which is pretty dope to see in the centre of Los Angeles.” His dad used to say that getting into the neighbourhood feels peaceful and quiet, but as soon as you step out, it’s like, “Welcome to the jungle!”

Besides the tight-knit community, there’s another main thread in Scribner’s Crenshaw: fried chicken. While guiding us to the discovery of his neighbourhood in our series “Ride With Me,” Scribner realized that every single spot he took us to offers really good fried chicken. “It says something about me, I think,” he said. Scribner knows all the best fried chicken spots around town, and we’re definitely here for it.

The best breakfast spot in the world, Los Angeles staple chicken and waffle joints that even President Obama goes to, and delicious, Black-owned soul food restaurants are only some of the many Crenshaw gems Scribner shares with us.

Get ready to taste the best soul food LA has to offer. We’re going to Crenshaw.

Places to Eat & Drink

Jacks N Joe
Scribner doesn’t care what anyone else says, this is the best breakfast spot “on planet Earth.”

According to Scribner, their pancakes are amazing, and they come with maple butter syrup. But his favourite dish is the hash browns. “You can get the hash browns extra well done,” he suggested. “It’s over, it’s over. You’re having the best meal of your life.”

Roscoe’s House of Chicken N Waffles
President Obama stole Scribner’s special here-or at least that’s what Scribner will tell you.

“I’ve been ordering that, [and] all of a sudden they changed it to Obama Special when he popped out the cut,” Scribner said. No disrespect to Obama, but Scribner’s order has always been the Obama Special, which includes three wings with a waffle (or potato salad or fries). Scribner just adds an extra waffle to the mix, and that’s his all-time favourite order.

Phillips Barbecue
Scribner is aware he’ll get a lot of flack for saying this, but that’s okay. “Phillips Barbecue is hands down my favourite barbecue location,” he said.

“The meats are pretty good quality and the meats themselves are delicious and I love them,” he explained. “But it’s the sides and the sauce that just hit.” Their baked beans and macaroni salad are incredible, and you should put them right on your barbecue sandwich.

Just be careful: Their sauces are spicy, and the highest level is just too hot according to Scribner. His advice? Get the mixed sauce, and you’ll receive mild and hot together.

Alta Adams
This Black-owned soul food restaurant looks amazing, and it tastes even better. The setting is high-end, and their dishes are authentic soul food. They have “the best fried chicken,” according to Scribner.

“I like it because the chicken is moist, but it’s not too moist,” he explained. “This is some real chicken, which has some good moisture and the skin is perfect.” If you’re not in the mood for chicken, their oxtails are also a great choice. You shouldn’t miss out on the cornbread, either.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken
This place is so good that it started in Tennessee and eventually expanded into LA.

“It’s just the bomb,” said Scribner. “The fried chicken is so good and spicy, which I love.” Their collard greens and baked beans are both must-trys as well, and Scribner would be the one to know. “I love baked beans,” he said. “I used to just eat straight up Bush’s baked beans out of the can, bruh. I’m wilding. I’m about that life.”

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Serena Tara is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Tiana Attride is a former associate editor at Thrillist. She cares a little too much about the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack.


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