These Photographers Are Selling Prints to Raise Funds For Flood Affected Victorians

Spruce up your walls, and do good in the community.

Parts of Victoria were plunged underwater as the state was lashed with severe storms in mid-October. More rain is on the way, and with Victoria’s dams at capacity, and its rivers already overflowing the situation is going to get worse over the coming weeks.

Local photographer Em Jensen, who has spent a lot of time in regional Victoria, has bandied together a bunch of Australia’s best photographers to sell prints of their work in regional Australia, and send funds to communities in need around the state.

Buy from the Flood Fundraiser Print Shop here.

Thrillist: What sparked the idea for the fundraiser?

Em Jensen: I’ve spent a lot of time in places like Charlton, Wedderburn and surrounds, and know how little help those communities get in terms of funding, and their economy has already been hit so badly by covid because they’re heavily reliant on tourism to keep the towns alive. The people who live out there are caretakers for the towns, they’ve done so well to preserve the history of it and the historical buildings; it’s the history of regional Victoria and we’re at risk of losing that in these floods. I’d hate to see them not able to rebuild, because these towns offer so much; they’re so unique and quintessentially Australian, and it would be devastating to lose that. 

I saw that my friends at OK Motels had to cancel their festival in Charlton due to the floods, and they were selling their festival merch in support of flood victims. It got me thinking about what I could do and sell, but I knew I probably didn’t have enough reach to make a huge impact doing it alone. So I spoke to some friends who are photographers too and asked them if they’d be willing to offer some photos to be sold as prints too. It seemed fitting to sell photos of regional Australia, in support of regional Australia. 

Where will the funds go?

I’ve spoken to councils in the affected areas, and it seems the best place for funds to go is to the neighbourhood and community houses in the worst affected areas; Rochester, Seymour, Charlton and Wedderburn.

This way funds can be dispersed by people who live in, and know, these towns; these are the people that can best decide how to spend the money in my opinion. We’re also still expecting more floods over the coming week in places like Echuca and Kerang, so we’ll adjust to add more areas that are impacted as it happens—hopefully, this won’t happen though and we won’t need to!

How many photographers are donating works?

At the moment we have about ten photographers, but there’s still more to be uploaded to the shop because I’ve been inundated with photographers keen to be involved! So this number will go up for sure. All of these photographers have close ties to regional Victoria, and spend a lot of time on the road photographing them.

Some of the photographers taking part are:

  • Brooke Zanco | Brooke is a biologist who spends a lot of time camping in the country and photographing it on her film camera
  • Xander Linger | Xander works in a film lab and lives most of his life in the darkroom, occasionally emerging to explore Australia, seeking to capture the minutiae and moments of stillness on his film camera
  • Tim Williams | Tim is based near Mildura on the border of Victoria and New South Wales. He takes film photos and also makes projection art and keeps bees
  • Nathan Kaso | A film photographer who shoots amazing photos on his Hasselblad, took a whole series of photos on Charlton for OK Motels that are up for sale in the print shop!
  • Em Jensen | A film photographer, road trip fiend, documenting unseen Australia and the subcultures within it 

Buy prints from the Flood Fundraiser Print Shop here.


Mad Mex’s New Menu Item Is Inspired by a Popular Mexican Street Food

mad mex chicken al pastor

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Enter, Chicken Al Pastor. It’s traditionally made with pork and grilled on a spinning rotisserie with a pineapple sitting a top, but Mad Mex has put its own spin on it, serving chicken bathed in an Al Pastor marinade with a touch of juicy pineapple.

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As always, these things are here for a good time, not a long time. Pop into your local Mad Mex restaurant, order delivery or through the Mad Mex app today.

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