Oi, Check Out the Extremely Aussie Name Bonza Airlines Just Gave Its First Plane

Bonza, budget or bust?

bonza airline

Budget airline carrier Bonza Airlines has just named its first plane Shazza, and Australians are losing it. The Boeing 737 Max, aka ‘Shazza’, will take to the skies soon, with Bonza announcing they will be ready to launch in October.

It still doesn’t beat Boaty McBoatface, but it sure is one-of-a-kind for vehicle names. Even Qantas has named a few of their planes, including Quokka, Boomerang and Skippy.

So who came up with the name? Well, Aussies, of course. The public was asked to submit names, and they did not disappoint.

Let’s hope more airlines ask the public to suggest names.

Late last year, Bonza announced they had plans to enter the Australian market, stating the airline would not appeal to the business traveller. Instead, it looks to cater to Australians looking for regional travel.

Bonza plans to use Boeing 737-8 aircraft in Australia. The company is backed by US private investment firm 777 Partners, which also funds several budget airlines around the world from Canada to Asia. 

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Over the years, Australia’s aviation landscape saw the exit of low-cost carrier Tiger, after its parent company, Virgin went through an administration process.

According to Neil Hansford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, the focus on purely flying holidaymakers is not sustainable. He told 9News: “The thing is, nobody will survive in Australia on flying just the leisure market. You need an element of the business market to get sufficient yield from your passengers.” 

According to Hansford, Bonza’s headline strategy of providing unique routes to regional communities has one major hurdle: the physical size of the runways they intend to land at.

“The amount of airports that will be able to take the 737-800 in regional areas is low. It’s a whole different requirement for airports to take this aircraft compared to a Dash 8-400,” Mr Hansford told 9News. 

Despite the hesitations and challenges, Jordan seems to think that the Australian market is ready for a new player. 

He told The Guardian: “This is something new for Australia, but it’s not new for the rest of the world,” he said, noting Australia was among the top 10 domestic aviation markets in the world that did not have an independent low-cost carrier.

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