The Australian Olympic Team Has Their Very Own Melbourne Barista

Why are we not surprised?

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Sportsday is a 3AW radio segment on sports and also a podcast, hosted by Sam McClure and Gerard Healy.

Now, they’re pretty busy at the moment, covering all of the Australian coverage at the Tokyo Olympics⁠—including the “most important man in Tokyo right now”⁠—the Aussie Olympics team’s Melbourne barista.

McClure reckons that “most athletes” such as himself and Gerard, “can NOT operate without a good, solid, barista-made coffee”.

They intro Elliot Johnson, a Melbourne barista, that they reckon is going to be a “confidante of athletes around the globe” once their show goes live, and the rest of the world realises just how integral a good coffee is to their Olympic performance.

I have to say, that he sounds like a bored hipster babe, yoinked right out of a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Fitzroy, and honestly, he sounds kinda hot. Can you tell I’ve been in Melbourne’s Northern suburbs a bit too long?

The hosts of Sportsday say that they’re “overwhelmed” to be chatting to the Melbourne-barista, as though he’s on the road to becoming some sort of caffeine curating superstar and TBH, maybe it’s time our Melbourne coffee-makers got the respect they deserve.

I don’t know about you, but the cafes I frequent get so many different versions of me. They’ve had the stressed out I-have-so-much-to-do version of me, the anxious and hungover version of me, the super bubbly, right-side-of-bed version of me and regardless of which Laura they serve, they always make good banter and a coffee that hits the spot.

We’re spoilt in Melbourne. With so many cafes at our fingertips and coffee aficionados that are truly passionate about curating the perfect caffeine hit, paired with the right amount of milk, bean flavour and strength ⁠— it’s a true gift.

Elliot the Barista “honed his craft” in Spotswood, Melbourne, for about three years, but has actually been living in Japan since 2017, which explains how he was able to get this gig right now.

Sam and Gerard seem intrigued. Elliot has a big exciting life, up close and personal with the Australian Olympians in Japan, and they have so many burning questions, such as what is their favourite coffee order. Elliot says they’re inconsistent in style, but all like a double-shot.

Gerard is pretty sure that athletes would only order a piccolo (because it has less milk), or they’d have a dairy substitute, like oat milk, almond milk, or “soy milk, heavens forbid”. Oat milk is the most popular, Elliot concludes and Gerard admits to being a ‘part of the trend’ himself.

Like a true hipster, Elliot hasn’t watched a single segment of TV since he’s been in Japan, which proves to be a bit of a bummer for Sam and Gerard. They quickly realise that he is not a fangirl of the athletes, but a mere barista, excellent at making coffees and doesn’t care about much else.

Regardless, the coffee questions keep on coming. Are there any annoying orders, like extra hot decaf? What’s the difference between a normal and extra hot coffee?

Nah, but I’m taking the mickey. It was actually pretty great content for anyone that lives in Melbourne, or appreciates the coffee snobbery of Melburnians. We’re spoilt here in Australia, and can’t imagine the reality of canned coffee out of a vending machine.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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