Get Positively Lost in the Best Book Stores in Melbourne

A spot of holiday reading?

The period between Christmas and New Year is pretty famous for having a stack of fresh books that you’re determined to read. And, with the last couple of years truly highlighting the importance of escapism, this just might be the year we get through our stack.

But if you’re struggling for inspiration, it’s likely you’ll be looking to spend the afternoon in a good book store. After all, there isn’t much that’s more wholesome than perusing independent literature in a beautifully curated and comfortingly quiet bookshop.

That being said, we’ve rounded up the best book stores for you to visit in Melbourne.

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Carlton & Emporium
Readings is by far one of the best — if not the best — book stores in Melbourne. They truly have it all; from bestsellers to the most trendy books of the moment, vintage classics, an all-encompassing array of fiction, beautiful coffee table books and even an amazing music section, complete with CD’s, records, autobiographies of famous musicians and picture books of iconic concert photography. Beyond having an undeniable selection of incredible literature, the Readings store are a true sensory experience. They’re aesthetically beautiful, with both stores designed by local Melbourne designers, encompassing minimalist and light-filled space, paired with gorgeous floral wallpaper. They play delightful music, the staff are lovely and you can literally spend hours in there. Trust.

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The Paperback Bookshop

Bourke Street, CBD
The Paperback has been around since the 1960s and has been championing the independent literary scene before any of Melbourne’s other book stores. They have a great fiction collection, an impressive array of Australian non-fiction and are constantly stocking the work of new authors, and authors that have been around for a while but you’ve probably never heard of. The Paperback Bookshop is more than a bookshop; it’s an education. If you’re into the idea of reading more Australian literature, or finding yourself a new favourite author, spending an afternoon at The Paperback will have you inspired. It’s also open way after dark — till 8 pm on school nights and 9 pm on the weekend — which adds extra romantic allure, TBH.

Instagram / @hillofcontent

Hill of Content

Bourke Street, CBD
Arguably the most quintessential bookstore in Melbourne, Hill of Content spans across two elegant levels, with unmatched serenity in the middle of Melbourne’s bustling CBD. They have a considered range of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, as well as an impressive selection of international titles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Hill of Content, we’d truly be surprised. Having opened its doors in 1922 — whoever says book stores have grown less popular are wrong — it’s one of the best-known literature destinations in Melbourne, having been well-established for almost a century. It’s a beautiful place to be, paying homage to its classic roots. The staff are super knowledgeable as well, which we love.

Via Ilab

Kay Craddock Antiquarian Booksellers

Collins Street, CBD
A trip to the Kay Craddock Antiquarian is a unique and special experience. Housed in the heritage Assembly Hall Building on Collins Street, this book store is more like the library of an old Victorian manor house; like the room, you’ve dreamt about finding at the end of a hidden tunnel behind a shelf or something. Filled with all the classics, first editions, rare collectable books and fantastical stories that will take you to the land of knights, mystical creatures, ancient history and real-life magic, you’ll be guaranteed to spend a little too much on a book that will bring you joy forever after. But even if you aren’t in a purchasing mood, this book store is worth a visit for the experience alone.

Instagram / @perimeterbooks

Perimeter Books

A newcomer to Melbourne’s independent lit scene, this little gem can be found in the trendy suburb of Thornbury and will satisfy all your specialist book delights. Run by an arts columnist and a fashion designer, Perimeter sets to highlight independent titles and small-batch beauties. They have a specific interest in design (shocker), so if you’re into all things niche aesthetic, then you’ll be in total heaven at Perimeter.

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The Best Sandwiches To Chow Down On In Melbourne

More than just ham and cheese.

Some say sandwiches are really having their moment, but did they ever go out of style? 

A sandwich is one of the world’s most simple culinary pleasures. Whoever first decided that putting stuff between bread means a yum time is a gosh darn genius. Although sandwiches can seem simple to make, there are people out there that have been studying the art of the sandwich and it shows.

The difference between a good sandwich and a shit sandwich is huge. We don’t want you to suffer, so we’ve put a list together of our favourite sandwiches in Melbourne.

Here are the best sandwiches in Melbourne right now.

Hanoi Hannah’s Drip Drop Banh Mi 


The Drip Drop Banh Mi is Hanoi Hannah’s new lunch sandwich that is messy in all the right ways. Think white bread roll with a crispy crust and soft centre, laced with pâtĂ© and lemongrass satay sauce and a nice juicy hunk of lemongrass chargrilled chicken.

Most importantly, a warm pho-inspired gravy is served on the side to dip, drizzle or drown the sandwich. This mouth-watering sandwich is available from today, July 8, at Hanoi Hannah’s Windsor and Elsternwick locations. It’s crunchy, it’s messy, it’s fragrant and an all round multisensory, hands-on journey. Roll your sleeves up and get to it.

Dine in or take it home.


Nico’s Sandwich Deli’s Cubano


Get your hands around this combo: smoked pork belly, grandma ham, original salad creme, picks, American mustard and cheese. Recommended to be eaten with pickled chilli and hot sauce, this Cubano is downright juicy in the best way. Nico’s Sandwich Deli has a rotating menu that heroes classic flavour combinations with a little twist. You can’t really go wrong, especially if you pair your sandwich of choice with one of their Malted Caramel Shakes. It’s a whole lotta yes.

You can dine in or take away.

Photo: @stansdeli

Specials at Stan’s Deli


Every weekend, Stan’s Sandwich Deli put up incredible sandwich specials and honestly, we can’t pick a favourite. One week you might be dazzled by a veal schnitzel bun with tomato and fennel slaw, and the next you’ll get a Jerusalem artichoke toastie with aged parmesan, horseradish mayo and Guindilla peppers. Located in the lush streets of Malvern, Stan’s has a real diner-on-an-American-highway feel to it, but slightly more aesthetically refined, refill filter coffee and all. 

Dine in or take away.

Photo: @kingwilliam_takeaway

King William’s Brigadier

Flinders Lane

This sando pulls rank on the Colonel. From a hole-in-the-wall sandwich deli in Melbourne CBD’s Flinders Lane, comes a soft white roll filled with roast free-range chicken, crispy chicken skin, traybake stuffing, zucchini slaw and their infamous secret gravy. It’s the chicken rolls of all chicken rolls. You’ve never had a chicken sandwich until you’ve had King William’s Brigadier. It’s the perfect combination of juicy chicken breast and crispy chicken skin. Should I keep going? I can.

Only available for pick-up.

Photo: @saulssandwiches

Saul’s Muffuletta


The Italian stallion of sandwiches. Saul’s Sandwiches do some bangin’ bites – pretty much every sandwich they do, they do right. But the Muffuletta is a fan favourite and it’s off the charts. Think stacks of mortadella, artichokes, provolone cheese, salami, pesto, spinach and chilli. It’s an antipasto board in a sandwich and it’s goddamn good. 

You can dine in or takeaway.

Photo: @palette_melbourne

Palette’s Candied Bacon & Cheese

North Melbourne

Palette in North Melbourne is inspired by Korean aesthetics and lifestyle, and they aim to bring different cultures together. Everything about this place is beautiful and delicious (especially the coffee), but we can’t get past their Candied Bacon & Cheese sando. Imagine: scrambled eggs with corn, candied bacon, sliced cheese and chilli jam in toasted brioche. Uhhh. Name a better breakfast sandwich, we’ll wait.

Available to dine in or takeaway.

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