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How to Make the Perfect Milo

We've done the hard work so you don't have to.

Milo: The breakfast, lunch, and dinner of legends. This top-tier powder creates a malty, chocolate crust that’ll make any milk slap. It’s somehow crunchy yet soft. And when you pop open that can with your spoon, a smell of primary school nostalgia just crests over your entire bod. Seriously, if scientists can outline 5000 reasons about what makes Milo so magical, then they should win every single Nobel prize.

However, there’s one Milo-based question that’s been hotly contested since this drink’s inception. And that question is, “How much Milo should you spoon into your milk?” Some say that just a teaspoon is enough, whilst others believe that you require at least half of a glass of this goodness. According to Nestle’s own packaging, the perfect Milo requires three teaspoons of the stuff in 200mL of skim milk. But is Nestle even correct?

Well, I decided that enough is enough and that I should be the ultimate arbiter of such an important decision. So I went out, got some milk, some Milo, a measuring cup, and made a whack of different Milos to discover which amount of it is the best. And this is what I discovered:

Three Teaspoons of Milo in 200mL of Skim Milk | 2/10

Okay, who’s Nestle trying to fool? Because they cannot believe that anyone is actually making a Milo this way. This drink was just plain garbage. There was only a hint of malt, no chocolatey notes, and worst of all, not enough Milo floating atop to chew on. If you grew up having Milos in such a manner, then I pity your existence.

Three Teaspoons of Milo in 200mL of Full Cream Milk | 1/10

I know that Nestle recommends using skim milk when making a Milo, okay? But I refuse to be a sadist. If you’re going to have some classic milk, why not have the fullest and the creamiest liquid that’s known to humankind?

But unfortunately, I was the fool in this instance. Full cream milk wasn’t as sweet as this skimmed stuff, so there was no flavour of Milo in this beverage whatsoever. I may as well have been drinking full cream milk straight from the bottle.

Three Tablespoons of Milo in 200mL of Full Cream Milk | 3/10

Truthfully, this was only a marginal improvement on the skim milk situation. I craved a bigger hit of that Miloy goodness. I wanted to ramp this highly scientific experiment up to 11.

200mL of Milo in 200mL of Full Cream Milk | 9/10

Having this drink is like drowning in Willy Wonka’s chocolate river and loving every second of it. It’s equivalent to having a mud facial made out of malt consuming your face. It was fudgy, chewy, and decadent. Crumbs of the Milo danced with goops of the Milo. They waltzed on a bed made out of full cream milk. If you want to be a dessert gremlin, then this is the drink for you.

200mL of Milo in 300mL of Full Cream Milk | 10/10

While the previous drink was yummy, this one is delicious while not being a monstrosity. The sweetness of Milo complimented the beverage’s full cream vibes perfectly. There was an undercurrent of malt in each sip. Its chocolate taste melted into every molecule of the milk. If you were to make this drink today, you’d taste something better than 99% of milkshakes that are  made in Australia.

Just a Spoonful of Milo Followed By a Chaser of Milk | 5/10

While the Milo was crunchy, chocolate-full, and scrumptious, it was also way too dry. In fact, it tried to choke me. Furthermore, the chaser of milk did help me not get killed by some chocolate-flavoured malted powder today, but it was a disappointing taste to end this experiment on. 

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Chilli Honey Is So Hot Right Now: Here Are The Best Ones to Try

Mix it into cocktails, top your afternoon gelato or spice up a pizza slice.

best chilli honey australia

If you’ve ever had a slice of pizza in New York, particularly Williamsburg, you might have seen a bottle of hot honey on the table. Hot honey, mostly called chilli honey in Australia is a spicy-meets-sweet condiment, that took off in the U.S. over the last 10 years, and is becoming a hot topic in Australia. In 2021, we caught wind of a photographer, James Thompson’s brand, Quinby’s Chilli Honey, inspired by his first taste of chilli honey on a Williamsburg slice. Since then, chilli honey has been a hot topic here, making its way into our regular rotation of condiments for gelato, pizza, fried chicken and more.

Whether you’re a chilli honey fanatic or are new to the sweet and spicy life, we’ve rounded up the best chilli honey brands to try on your next meal.

best chilli honey australia


First up is Quinby’s. Not only does this chilli honey use Australian wildflower honey, but it’s also made on the outskirts of Sydney. For Sydneysiders, it’s our claim to fame in the hot honey race. Inspired by the original Mike’s Hot Honey in New York, Quinby’s is infused low and slow with habanero chilli to deliver one hell of a kick while simultaneously stroking your mouth with the sweet love of honey. This chilli honey is best drizzled over pizza, fried chicken, soft and hard cheese, gelato, or even popcorn. Yes, popcorn, try it!

You can find Quinby’s in specialty food stores and cafes around Australia including Fabbrica, Smalls Deli, Rose St Pantry and more for around $20. Click here for full stockists.

best chilli honey australia

Short Hive Chilli Honey

Short Hive is known for its honey mashups, including espresso honey, cacao honey, and of course, chilli honey. The chilli honey is made up of all-natural Australian honey infused with habanero chilli. The balance of sweet and spicy is well executed, with a sweeter note at the beginning and a subtle fire toward the end of the bite. It’s made in short batches and each 295g bottle is packaged in the signature Short Hive calico bag. It’s definitely a fancier brand, but nonetheless does the job for $24.95.

Purchase Short Hive Chilli Honey here.

best chilli honey australia

Capilano Chilli Honey

If you want to dip your toe in the chilli honey craze, start with Capilano Chilli Honey. It will cost you a mere $5 and delivers that sweet and spicy taste you need to be hooked. Although the small-batch artisanal brands certainly have a higher quality taste, the Capilano is a bang for its buck.

Purchase Capilano Chilli Honey exclusively online.

best chilli honey australia

Nicholson Fine Foods Habanero Chilli Honey

Made from local Clarence Valley raw honey and habanero chillies, this triangular-shaped bottle won a silver medal at the Royal Tasmanian Fine Food competition 2021. The sweet heat is perfect for savoury and sweet foods. Add it to drinks or drizzle it on your favourite taco. The heavy Italian-designed glass makes it a great gift.

Purchase Nicholson Fine Foods Habanero Chilli Honey online.

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