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Trust Us: These 6 Crazy Pizza Toppings are Actually Delicious

weird pizza toppings
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Pizza is a universally beloved food. This is a fact. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person looking at that slab of hot bread with melted cheese atop it and thinking, ‘hmm, no thanks!’ If you are that person, it’s OK. We’re all entitled to our wrong opinions. However, the pure ease of making pizza topping has led to some… unorthodox ideas, we’ll say. Those weird pizza toppings might mean we’re straying further away from the vision of those actual saints in Italy who blessed the world with that concept, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be delicious.

Inspired by the king of indulgence, Garfield, Pizza Hut is delivering two new pizzas topped with something you’d never think of — pasta. Yes, right now you can get your own pasta bolognese-topped and mac & cheese-topped pizza delivered straight to your door. Now, we’re teaming up with Pizza Hut to provide even more weird pizza toppings we swear by. Please don’t knock it til you try it.

French Fries

The first time I had potato on pizza, I genuinely feel like the entire trajectory of my life was changed for the better. While I’ve since been spreading the good word, I recently dabbled in french fries on pizza. Some people might think “Is this man OK?” and to that, I say, “Truly never better.” It’s an idea that seems so simple but so ridiculous and makes pizza (and french fries) even more fun than they are. And a meal that isn’t fun is a meal I have no interest in.

Cos Lettuce

Spinach on pizza is obviously a class. Rocket? A staple. But when my colleague Julia suggested cos lettuce as a pizza topping, I could vicariously feel the shudder run through Garfield’s plump, furry body. However, her reasoning is something that actually makes complete sense. Dressed in some balsamic and olive oil, the lettuce can add a decent crunch to the pizza while simultaneously cutting through the richness of the sauce and cheese. There’s a method to the madness, folks!

Kebab Meat

Combining one very typical late-night meal with another very typical late-night meal might seem sacrilegious, but it can make for a feed so powerful, so transcendental, that it could cure whatever ails you. At the very least, you can cross it off your bucket list and say you gave it a go. My colleague Joel is ready to die on this hill, and he’s never steered me wrong before.

Spinach and Cream Cheese Dip

Yes, the dip you’d usually be slathering a cracker with or you’d find in the centre of a cob loaf can also make for a GREAT pizza topping. While writer Angeline enjoyed this feast along with chicken in the Phillippines and swears by it, this feels like something you could easily recreate at home and really, REALLY amp up your party catering game. Sweet chilli and sour cream dip is next.

Giant Easter Eggs

OK, yes, this was used for a dessert pizza, but pizza is pizza and we should love it in whatever form it takes. I spoke to my colleague Nicola about her favourite strange pizza topping, and hers came completely by accident. She was making a dessert pizza and didn’t have any chocolate. Always resourceful, she turned to a giant Easter egg she’d received a few months ago, and melted it down. It worked a treat, and I know what I’ll be doing next year.


It was one time. On a cheese pizza. I’m not proud, but it was outstanding.

If you’re feeling inspired to indulge, head to your local Pizza Hut to treat yourself to their new range of pasta pizzas now. You won’t regret it.