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Here’s How You Can Eat More Sustainably Using An Everyday Pantry Staple

Image: Praise

As we all try to move toward living a more sustainable and waste-reducing lifestyle, it’s hard not to look around our homes, and especially our kitchens, and figure out what more we could do to help. Do you start your own compost? Do you focus on using reusable containers? Do I have my reusable shopping bag with me? 

We know we can do more, but when it comes to cooking, one of the best ways you can do more is by using less. By making sure that every ingredient is used to its maximum potential, you’re saving money, you’re saving time and you’re helping to save the planet. Sounds like a win to us. 

Now, you’re probably across using veggie scraps to make stock or using off bananas to make banana bread, but there are other great ways you can use up the food in your fridge or cupboard by giving it a delicious flavour boost with mayo – yes mayo! 

Praise, whose bottles are made out of 100% recycled plastic, is on a mission to help Australians everywhere reduce their food wastage and live a more environmentally conscious life. In fact, they’ve got a whole quiz to help you figure out what you’re already doing well, and what you can improve on. But, once you look through your fridge and pantry, mayo at the ready, you can find it is actually quite easy to use up the fresh fruit and veggies that you have.

Save Those Potatoes That Are Nearly Done For 

You’ve got some potatoes that have been sitting in your cupboard for days now. After a quick rummage of your pantry for a last-ditch snack idea, you find those potatoes that are on the verge of going green and going bad. But, no worries – chop them, put them in your air fryer, grab some mayo or aioli from the fridge and your snack woes are no more. 

Just Wrap It Up 

Using mayonnaise with other kitchen staples that are on the brink is one of the most deceptively easy ways to reduce food waste without sacrificing flavour, and still filling up your plate. Feel free to grab whatever salad elements you can find in your fridge – perhaps some lettuce that has begun to wilt or some tomatoes that are fast approaching that crucial two-week point – and throw them in a wrap. Dollop some mayo on there, and you’ve got a fulfilling and delicious dinner, a larger snack or even tomorrow’s office lunch. 

Deliver a Roast Even Mum Would Be Proud Of 

Even Sunday nights can be sustainable. Grab some of those near-gone potatoes, alongside other goodies like carrot, pumpkin and zucchini, and roast them away. Once they’re smelling too good to resist, pair them with aioli and you’ll be left completely stuffed, in the best way possible. 

Mayonnaise can be such a quick and easy way to add delicious flavour to your food and a great way to make good use of what you have in your fridge/cupboard before it goes off. If you need any extra inspiration, or want to be given a food-saving score based on your current habits, take Praise’s food waste quiz and visit their food waste page to learn how you can become a food-saving champion.

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