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How the Pandemic Brought Back This Cult 80s Fast Food Franchise

Let your taste buds travel

Hot dogs of the world food truck
Photo Courtesy Of Hot Dogs Of The World

There’s a vibrant red food truck zipping around Sydney, handing out hot dogs. The truck is new, even the menu is new, but Hot Dogs Of The World is actually a fast-food franchise from the late 80s. If you were a kid back then, you might remember hassling your parents for a hot dog in a Westfield Mall. Yep, this little red food truck is them, just updated and on wheels. 

Owner, Oris and his close friend and partner first opened Hot Dogs Of The World in 1987 in Grace Bros, at Broadway, Sydney. This then grew to a total of 12 brick and mortar shops, before a financial recession forced them to close.

“We were big in the Westfield shopping centres from Liverpool to Canberra,” says Oris. 

“Much like the other franchises at the time, we had to sell our locations, and eventually shut the business.”

Eight months ago, Hot Dogs Of The World reintroduced itself to society with a new menu and new wheels. 

Oris explains his limousine business took a turn when covid hit, so when he had to abandon that, he decided to relaunch a passion of his, Hot Dogs Of The World. 

‘I actually wanted to relaunch the business about five years prior to Covid. It just so happened the pandemic affected my limousine business and put me on a path to restart Hot Dogs Of The World,” says Oris. 

“I also had a few people twist my arm to reopen because they loved the concept and had previously followed the brand many, many years ago.”

Although, 30 years ago, Hot Dogs Of The World had an extensive menu, of hot dogs you would find in Germany, Singapore, and other countries. Today, you will find a condensed version of the menu, with the same tasty dogs. 

“We offer eight hot dogs on the menu, including a Philly Cheesesteak. I had to take some hot dogs off the menu because I realised we’re working in a small food truck, so it would be easier to focus on a few dogs, and getting them right. Although, we do a special every week, and month, as well as add new toppings weekly to keep the menu fresh,” says Oris. 

Hot dogs of the world
Photo Courtesy Of Hot Dogs Of The World

After eight months of operating, Hot Dogs Of The World is already making impressions, particularly on the breweries. According to Oris, the food truck is popular in these areas and is currently answering some queries from breweries who want a Hot Dogs Of The World on site. 

“It’s almost like it was 30 years ago, we’re serving people, and now we’re even doing corporate functions and parties—it’s all very exciting,” says Oris. 

“I’ll admit, I always thought it was a great idea, even 30 years ago. There wasn’t anyone else specialising in hot dogs. Sure you had people making hamburgers and hot dogs, but no one was 100% focused on hot dogs, so we wanted to provide the best hot dog experiences, and it seems like we’re doing it again.”

According to Oris, people are following the little red truck. “We had one guy who came to us on Saturday, and he said I’ll see you tomorrow, then, funnily enough, we saw him twice on Sunday—it’s pretty cool,” says Oris. 

If you’re curious about why people are loving these hot dogs, here are just a few reasons. The menu boasts hot dogs from around the world including Slovenia, which features a cheese Kransky, coleslaw and sauce of your choice. The Mexico dog is their biggest seller. 

“Our Mexican dog has a lot of toppings—we serve it with a fork if that’s any indication. It has a beef frankfurt, grated Mexican mix cheese, chilli con Carne, jalapeño peppers, homemade guacamole, and toasted onions to top it off,” says Oris. 

To get your hands on one of the famous dogs, you will need to follow their Instagram to find out where they will be and menu updates. 

With the success the food truck has brought to Hot Dogs Of The World, Oris aims to keep growing the business as a food truck. 

“I love that we can move around, so we’re not fixed to one location, wondering if there’s going to be enough customers. It also makes it more affordable, even if we decide to franchise or license Hot Dogs Of The World,” says Oris. 

Although, Oris did not rule out opening a brick and mortar store later on. After all, it’s how the business started and where it all began.

Hot Dogs Of The World
Photo by @hotdogsoftheworld

Oris reminisces about the Grace Bros sight, which he explains was a little stand, slinging coffee, cakes, and hotdogs, before he and his partner took over to sell a taste of the world to people. 

“I’ve always liked the idea of a New York-style hot dog cart. I’m Italian, but I love American food, and that to me, was a concept I wanted to bring to Australia. So we gave it a go,” says Oris. 

“Nine months ago, when we had plans to relaunch Hot Dogs Of The World, I thought why change something I thought at the time was a great idea?  We got to 12 stores, it was working, but the financial world at the time had other plans, so like many other businesses, we closed.”

“Now look where we are, the universe is funny, isn’t it?”

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