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Freddo Frog Flavours, Ranked

Freddo, the perfect snack, has been around for almost 100 years.

There’s nothing quite like hitting that lull around 3:30pm and reaching for a small chocolate frog. And for Australians, that frog has been Freddo Frog since the 1930s. These days Freddo Frogs come in a range of flavours, from classic milk chocolate to Pineapple, Popping Candy, and more.

The History of the Freddo Frog

Freddo Frogs were introduced to the children’s range off the MacRobertson Chocolate Company, a Melbourne-based company that invented chocolates that are still around today such as Old Gold, and Cherry Ripe.

Initially, the plan was for the small chocolate to be in the shape of a mouse, but it was decided against as it was suggested children were afraid of mice.

Freddo Frog was then introduced in 1930 with four flavours, milk chocolate, white chocolate, half milk/half white, and milk chocolate with peanuts. The brand became part of Cadbury when MacRobertson’s was sold to Cadbury in 1967.

The Best Freddo Frog Flavours

With so many Freddo Frog flavours being released over the years, it can be hard to pinpoint the best one. From the initial four flavours, Freddo has branched into Lemonade, Rainbow, Pineapple, Popping Candy, Crunchie, and many more.

The team put their heads together and have landed on the best Freddo Frog flavours of all time, and it’s hard to disagree with.

10. Bubbles

A classic Dairy Milk Freddo with white chocolate bubbles sounds good on paper, as do all these flavours, but it failed to win adoration from the crowd. A good Freddo to grab if you’re a fan of Aero.

9. Lemonade

A favourite nostalgic pick of the author, Lemonade-flavoured Freddos are found few and far between these days, and are most often found in a twin pack when you do come across them.

8. Popping Candy

A party in your mouth is what you get with this Freddo and it does exactly what it says on the packet. A Dairy Milk Freddo packed with popping candy that explodes as soon as it’s in your mouth. Well-liked among the crowd, but not enough to hit the top five.

7. Rainbow

A favourite from the 90s, Rainbow Freddo Frogs were filled with ‘rainbow chips’, or Clinkers as they’re better known. A chalky texture with a delicious payoff.

6. Peppermint

Love it or hate it, Peppermint Freddos just missed the top five. These days called ‘Peppermint Lilypad’, this Freddo provides a proper smack of peppermint flavour, and goes well in a Frog in the Pond.

5. Pineapple

Into the top five, and first off we have Pineapple. Another that’s often found in a twin pack, Pineapple Freddo Frogs give you that pineapple-flavoured hit you’d expect from the pineapple-adorned square of a block of Snack. The added bonus of the Pineapple Freddo is that Freddo is wearing a fun shirt on the packaging.

4. White Chocolate

One of the OG flavours, White Chocolate Freddo Frogs are hard to beat when you want a break from the Dairy Milk world.

3. Strawberry

A favourite among the team, Strawberry Freddos are an icon, and have been a staple of the Freddo range for a long time.

2. Milky Top

Another of the original flavours although these days called ‘Milky Top’, these Freddos are perfect for people with a foot in both camps. It can be hard to make a decision come snack time.

1. Dairy Milk

The winner, of course, is the classic standard Dairy Milk Freddo Frog. He simply cannot be beat. The original and the best was praised for his simplicity, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you reach for one.

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