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The Biggest Booze Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

According to a pro.

biggest drink trends 2022

It’s a new year, which means there are new predictions to be had. Over the past two years, life has been, well, let’s say; unpredictable. From lockdowns to new variants, all we want is to get back to some kind of normalcy, which is great for the beverage industry, as they’re looking to shake things up and excite us with new products and new flavours.

We recruited the expert advice of Liquor Loot Spirits Specialist, Tim Laferla. Here, he discusses the biggest trends to hit the spirits sector in 2022, focusing on the growth of whisky, gin, and low ABV spirits.

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Low ABV is on the rise

The way I see it, people are interested in consuming alcohol in moderation, rather than abstaining from it altogether. This is why we’re going to see a lot of low ABV products hit the market. There’s a gin distiller, that are using double the botanicals and achieving a lower alcohol percentage. They basically cut the alcohol intake in half—and innovations like this will be big.

Non-alcoholic drinks are coming into their own

This is a really exciting category right now. We’re seeing a lot of non-alcoholic options on menus and in liquor stores. Sans Drinks just opened its first non-alcoholic bottle shop in the Northern Beaches, and my prediction is, it’s only going to grow—nationally.

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RTDs and seltzers will boom

RTDs have been around for an eternity, but for the longest time, they were only made by the biggest or cheapest brands. This year and around the end of last year, RTDs have seen a boom. Many local and craft distilleries are now making their own RTDs and using good quality ingredients to do so. I saw Four Pillars released their first RTD last year, and Wolf Lane Distillery in Queensland just released a tropical seltzer. RTDs aren’t the cheap option anymore, they’re high quality.

We could blame covid restrictions for their popularity. If you think about it, RTDs and seltzers are convenient, great for picnics and on-the-go situations. Even with the covid restrictions rolling back, I have no doubt RTDs and seltzers will continue to grow, rapidly.

Australian ‘tequila’ will be a thing soon

Well, we can’t exactly call it tequila, because it has to be made in certain parts of Mexico to call it that, but there are some Australians in Queensland working on agave-based spirits.

There are some interesting new spirits coming our way

Speaking of Australian ‘tequila’, there are some distillers working on making spirits, inspired by other cultures, but made locally. I went to a whiskey distillery the other day, and they’re working on a spirit made from mead. They’re fermenting honey and distilling it. It tastes delicious, but I’d never heard of it before. There are also whispers that someone is experimenting with a pineapple.

Everything is coming up hyperlocal

If there is one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic, it’s the importance of local produce. Keeping everything local is going to be a big focus this year, driven by local distilleries. The supply chain isn’t what it used to be, which has opened up this great opportunity for all Australian distilleries to source local and fulfil spots in the market where there’s not much at the moment.

Gin and whiskey will always be a winner

Every year we think gin and whiskey are surely going to slow down, but they never do. I suspect, we’ll see more exciting new things in the gin and whiskey scene. Especially, gin.

Tequila is the next boom

Tequila and agave spirits are the ones to watch at the moment. It’s massive in the U.S. and is growing exponentially in Australia.

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