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7 Campari-Inspired Cocktail Recipes From Epic Australian Bartenders

Campari is having a moment.

Campari looking regal in the Capitano window.

You may not know what Campari is, but you’ve most likely tasted it before. It’s a bright red, bitter, Italian aperitivo liquor, invented back in 1860. In the modern world, it has evolved into one of bartenders’ favourite cocktail ingredients.

Probably best known for it’s staple cocktail, the Negroni (equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth), Campari can be used in just about any style of cocktail, from spirtzes to sours.

Campari has always been at the forefront of cocktail culture, inspiring limitless creations since its birth in 1860. The famous liquid has always supported the arts from world-renown names such as Fellini and Sorrento to young and emerging artists.

The beautiful thing about Campari cocktails, is that there is always one that will suit your taste. Thanks to its fruity and bitter flavours, Campari is the perfect base for a cocktail.

Trying out classic recipes, such as a Negroni, is always a great place to start, then experimenting with different ingredients is an easy way to add your own flair.

To get you inspired, we’ve asked some of our favourite bartenders around Australia to develop some Campari-inspired cocktail recipes for us.

Here are 7 Campari-inspired recipes from some of Australia’s best bartenders:

Pasan making his Little Red Corvette.

Little Red Corvette by Pasan Wijesena

From: Earl’s Juke Joint, Sydney

30ml Campari
15ml Green Ant Gin
15ml curacao
20ml strawberry gum tea
30ml lemon
20ml egg whites

You will need:
Cocktail shaker
Coupe glass

Add the Campari, Green Ant Gin, curacao, strawberry gum tea, lemon and egg whites to a cocktail shaker and shake up. Pour into a coupe cocktail glass.

Adrea Gualdi with his cocktail: Campari Myrtle Highball.

Campari Myrtle Highball by Andrea Gualdi

From: Maybe Sammy, Sydney

60ml Campari
Myrtle soda (recipe below)

You will need:
Highball glass

Add the Campari to an ice-filled highball glass and top with myrtle soda.

For the myrtle soda*:
100 grams juniper berries
10 grams coriander seeds
10 grams cardamom
10 lemon myrtle leaves
2 litres water


Add juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom and water to a pot and bring to a boil. Cook the liquid for 2 minutes.

Drop 10 fresh lemon myrtle leaves and let cool. Once cooled, filter the mixture with a cloth. Add 10% sugar and 2% of citric acid**.

*Note: Swap out for PS Soda Lemon Myrtle Soda Water for a simpler alternative.

**These percentages correspond to the volume of liquid you have eg. Add 10g of sugar and 2g of citric acid for 100ml of myrtle soda.

Natalie Ng with Ready, Steady, Fizz

Ready, Steady, Fizz by Natalia Ng

From: Door Knock, Sydney

40ml Campari
10ml tequila
40ml salted plum shrub
10ml agave
10ml lemon juice
1 egg white

You will need:
Cocktail shaker
Glass of your choice

Add all ingredients (except for the soda) to a cocktail shaker. Double shake to emulsify, chill and dilute. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and top with soda.

Cal, building his Nuclear Banana Bird.

Nuclear Banana Bird by Cal J Armstrong

From: Lily Blacks, Melbourne

20ml Campari
30ml cognac
10ml rum
40ml fresh pineapple juice
5ml gomme or sugar syrup

You will need:
Cocktail shaker
Rocks glass

Add the Campari, cognac, rum, pineapple juice and gomme to a cocktail shaker and shake up. Pour into a rocks glass over plenty of ice.

To take the drink to pro level, you could top it up with a Reduced Campari, Limoncello and pomegranate foam…this is Lily Black’s little secret.

Lachy Boyle’s light ‘n’ fruity Brunswick G&T.

Brunswick G&T by Lachy Boyle

From: Black Pearl, Melbourne

12.5ml Campari
35ml gin
60ml premium tonic water
3ml Raspberry Eau de Vie

You will need:
Cocktail shaker
Highball glass


Add all ingredients, except for tonic, into the cocktail shaker and shake well. Pour in a highball or wine glass over plenty of ice. Top up with tonic water and garnish with a nasturtium leaf.

Will’s fancy Fluffy Strawberry Spritz.

Fluffy Strawberry Spritz by Will Sleeman

From: Capitano, Melbourne

15ml Campari
50ml Strawberry Cordial (Will makes a naturally fermented one)
50ml Prosecco
25ml Cinzano Rosso
15ml Soda
5 drops Douglas Fir Tincture (optional)
Marshmallow Fluff spread

You will need:
Wine glass
Paint brush

Add all ingredients to a stemmed wine glass. Add plenty of ice and gently stir to combine.Using a paint brush, garnish with a thick stripe of Fluff spread on the side of the glass.

Blackberry Americano by Will Sleeman

From: Capitano, Melbourne

40ml Bitter Campari
75ml Blackberry infused 1757 Rosso Vermouth (infused overnight)
25ml Tea Syrup (mixing equal parts tea and sugar)
100ml Soda Water
Pinch of salt

You will need:
Highball glass


Add all ingredients into an iced filled highball glass and gently stir to combine. Garnish with orange wedge and a fresh blackberry.

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