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The Best New Drinks to Add to Your Bar Cart

Bring on the vacay vibes

best summer drinks

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the beginning of winter, a good drink is welcome during any season. The beverage industry is booming, from new gins to cocktails in a can, and we’re enjoying the benefits.

One key component you need this year is an esky full of refreshing drinks or a bar cart stocked with tipples to make delicious cocktails. Luckily, we have both. Here are the best new drinks to add to your shopping list for all your drinks needs.

fruity beer

Byron Bay Brewery Fruit Lagers

Fruit beers are becoming popular, and we cannot help but share this tasty new fruit-forward brew. Born in Byron Bay and brewed across Australia, the two ‘fruit forward’ brews from Byron Bay Brewery—Passionfruit Mango and Raspberry—are designed to appeal to the palate of drinkers new to the world of beer and beer lovers alike, who are after an easy-drinking lager with natural fruit flavours, but with less bitterness than traditional beer. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer drinks

Bombay Citron Pressé

Summer entertaining is in full swing, and Bombay Sapphire is here to bring a taste of the med to your home. Enter Bombay Citron Pressé,  a vibrant gin that beautifully captures the taste of freshly squeezed Mediterranean lemons. With a tantalising taste profile and an eye-catching colour, this new gin has been created with a 100% natural fruit infusion and no added sugar and will look good on your bar cart. Easily served as a refreshing twist on the classic G&T, garnished with a squeezed lemon wedge, it is the ideal tipple to complement balmy summer days spent with friends. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer drinks

Panettone Negroni Bottled Cocktail

Inspired by the traditional Italian dessert, the Panettone Negroni conjures all the aromas of Nonna’s kitchen on Christmas Day.⁠ It tastes like rich buttered fruit-toast spice with notes of sweet candied fruit. It’s a decadent and convenient Christmas twist on the world’s most popular gin cocktail. Made using the Never Never award-winning Triple Juniper Gin, Campari and Regal Rogue Vermouth, then skillfully blended with aged muscat, orange curacao, rye distillate and vanilla bean. Rich spice flavours combine with notes of sweet candied fruit to create a complex and delicious Christmas twist on the iconic Negroni. Buy online here.

best summer drinks

Captain Morgan Tropical Punch

Introducing The Captain Morgan Tropical Punch—in a convenient box form. With flavours of juicy pineapple blended with orange, lemon, lime and a touch of raspberry for a delicious taste of the tropics. The best part is that Captain Morgan has already mixed this one for you, so rally up the crew! Rip open the tap, grab a glass – and splash the ice. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer drinks

Gordon’s Pink Berry Cosmo

Dive into a Berry Cosmo without all the effort. Just open the tap, grab a glass, and add some ice. A deliciously pink twist on a classic, Gordon’s Pink Berry Cosmo, boxed. ​Sip juicy flavours of raspberry, tangy redcurrant and cranberry, with signature Gordon’s gin juniper and a bit of lime zest at your next gathering. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer drinks

Smirnoff Passionfruit Martini

Combining Smirnoff vodka and the smooth taste of vanilla with juicy passionfruit and zesty lime flavours, this boxed cocktail is expertly mixed and ready to share with friends. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer spirits

Four Pillars Double Gin Martini

The latest release from the creative and completely gin-obsessed team at Four Pillars isn’t a gin – it’s a cocktail that requires nothing more than an icy-cold freezer, an icy-cold glass and maybe a Sicilian olive as a garnish. Four Pillars’ Double Gin Martini is a little bit, maybe even a lot, like what it says on the bottle. Inside are two gins from the iconic Aussie distillery – Olive Leaf Gin which is savoury and textural, and Fresh Yuzu Gin, with its citrussy brightness and liveliness – which combine to create a multi-layered mouthful of marvellous Martini madness. The result? A Martini like none you’ve ever tasted. It’s a drink that ticks the boxes for those who like a light, bright, citrus-forward Martini. Buy From Four Pillars here.

Brookie’s Shirl the Pearl Cumquat Gin

If you love gin but have tried them all, we can bet you have yet to try cumquat gin. This orange-like fruit related to the citruses has a similar taste to oranges but with a tarty finish. Inspired by Shirl, Eddie’s grandmother, Brookie’s steep locally grown Cumquats in Brookie’s Dry Gin for several months and balance the spirit to create springtime in a glass. This is her recipe and an ode to Shirl the Pearl. Try it with tonic or on a spicy margin with Tequila and Lime Juice. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best summer spirits

Manly Spirits Co. The Beaches Gin

Manly Spirits Co. has just released a new gin and it’s perfect for summer. Dubbed The Beaches, this limited edition gin release packs in all our favourite summer flavours, including mango, coconut, and pine-n-line cream, to create a full-flavoured libation. Available for a limited time only, this exclusive spirit is perfect for Christmas gifting and is sure to get your name on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. The Beaches gin is also the gift that keeps on giving, with Manly Spirits Co. donating $5 from every bottle sold to the Australian Marine Conservation Society: Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife. Buy online here.

best new drinks

Never Never Distilling Co Oyster Shell Gin

When it comes to finding the perfect drink pairing for your prawns, caviar and oysters, put the wine away and try getting creative. Oyster Shell Gin uses Kangaroo Island oyster shell, waxflower, Tasmania wakame, coastal daisy bush, saltbush and round mint to create a unique expression of the Australian coastline and is built for contemporary seafood pairings. With lashings of waxflower and salinity, it scratches the itch of anyone who loves a savoury martini. Or, for those who love a G&T, it pairs beautifully with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a lime leaf garnish. Buy from Never Never Distilling Co. here.

Gordon’s Tropical Passionfruit Gin and Soda

 Gordon’s Tropical Passionfruit Gin & Soda is perfect for summer.  It’s perfectly crafted to balance the juniper notes and refreshing taste of Gordon’s, along with the flavour of the finest tropical passionfruit to deliver a deliciously crisp and juicy serve. Simply enjoy straight out of the bottle or serve over ice with half a passionfruit. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best new drinks

Bombay Sapphire Premier Cru

Bombay Sapphire is a classic and should be in everyone’s bar cart. To kick it up a notch, the brand just released a premier cru, featuring Murcian fine lemons, mandarins, and sweet navel oranges for a bittersweet yet balanced taste. Enjoy it as a G&T, or elevate your cocktails, such as a French 75. The beautiful bottle design looks great on a bar cart. Pick this bottle up from Boozebud for $78.99.

best new spirits

Tails Cocktails

Stock your bar cart with premium pre-batched cocktails, ready for any unannounced guests and dinner parties. Tails Cocktails offers an extensive range of classic cocktails, including passionfruit martini, rum daiquiri, whisky sour, gin gimlet, and an espresso martini. Simply add ice, shake, and pour into a glass of your choice.

best new drinks

Never Never Distilling Co Beeswax and Olive Gin

If there ever was a gin to add to your collection, it would be the Never Never Distilling Co X Maybe Sammy Beeswax and Olive Gin. This unique flavour profile boasts honeysuckle and orange blossom on the palate with a pine needle finish. The gin uses olive bring sourced from Lloyd Brothers Olives in McLaren Vale and beeswax from the world’s oldest bee sanctuary in South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. The best way to drink this complex concoction is with grapefruit tonic and a slice of fresh grapefruit. Although, it goes well with normal tonic too. Pick up a bottle from the Never Never website here or find it on the menu at Maybe Sammy.

23rd street distillery

23rd Street Distillery Violet Gin and Tonic

South Australian-based Twenty Third Street Distillery has bottled its award-winning Violet Gin in a brand new RTD can, and it’s pretty enough for your next party or picnic in the park.

The Violet Gin RTD combines the heady Australian native botanicals of Twenty Third Street Distillery’s Violet Gin with sugar-free tonic. It’s lemon myrtle, finger lime and pepper berry with sparkling tonic, all encapsulated in a beautiful emblazoned artwork from South Australian artist Claire Ishino. Buy from Dan Murphy’s here.

best new summer dirnks
Photo: @honeysuckledistillery

Honeysuckle Distillery Spritz

The Honeysuckle Distillery Spritz range is the perfect sundowner. Featuring an alcoholic soda base twisted with natural flavours, it tastes just like a cocktail without any of the hassles. They’re available in four flavours including a tropical vodka crush, splendid gin citrus, paradise gin spritz, and the Paloma spritz. You can pick up a four-pack for $24.99 from BWS and select Dan Murphy’s stores.

best summer drinks

Canadian Club Soda and Lime

Canadian Club has just launched a C.C. Soda and lime in a can, which is about as summery as you can get. Expect the smooth taste of Canadian Club with a hint of lime, topped with soda, for that refreshing “ahh” taste. It’s lower in sugar, naturally flavoured, and has just 31 calories per can. Throughout 2021, the C.C. Summer Shout is back, and they’re giving away 50,000 serves of the new soda and lime cans. You can enter here. You can pick up a pack of C.C. soda and lime from all good liquor stores. A six-pack will set you back $24.99.

best drinks
Photo: @captainmorganau

Captain Morgan Tropical

Captain Morgan is lifting our spirits with a new tipple—Captain Morgan Tropical. Although, this new tropical comes in a coconut and watermelon flavour. Expect those fruity flavours with the refreshment of coconut and, of course, a hint of sweet watermelon. Whether you’re mixing up a cocktail or prefer a premix, you can buy both.

Captain Morgan Tropical is available in 700mL bottles for $45 and pre-mixed cans for $22 for a four-pack. Buy here.

best summer drinks

Reeftip Spiced Rum

Newly launched here is a Spiced Rum that celebrates Aussie-inspired ingredients (and looks after the reef at the same time). Capturing the vibrant flavours of where we call home, you’ll experience hints of blood orange, pineapple, refreshing ginger & cinnamon. It’s made to be enjoyed in any way you like—so long as it’s with good friends and good vibes.

Pick up a bottle for $64.99 from all leading liquor stores in Australia.

best summer drinks
Photo: @theeverleighbottlingco

The Everleigh Bottling Co Bellini

Who says summer drinks have to be alcoholic? This bottled bellini from one of Melbourne’s best bars is completely alcohol-free.  It’s made with peach purée, grape juice, verjuice, natural flavours and salt. Best served chilled or straight from the bottle. You can buy a four-pack for $18.95 or a 24-pack for $109.50 online.

best summer drinks
Photo: @bombaysapphire

Bombay Sapphire New Gins

Why not up your classic G&T game with the latest gins to arrive at Bombay Sapphire. The Bombay Sapphire Sunset is a new aromatic special edition gin infused with warming spices and bittersweet Spanish mandarin, or you can enjoy a bold new gin bursting with 100% natural flavour of freshly harvested blackberries and raspberries with the Bombay Bramble.

Find Bombay Bramble in leading liquor stores around Australia for $60 per bottle or Bombay Sunset for $65 per bottle.

best summer drinks

Hotel Starlino Aperitif

It’s not summer without an aperitif. This range from Hotel Starlino has just launched in Australia, offering a rose, orange, and Rosso vermouth aperitif. Oozing with elegance, these versatile beverages are best enjoyed with tonic, soda, sparkling wine or appreciated for their simple deliciousness on the rocks. If a cocktail is more your style, Hotel Starlino is the perfect addition to classics like the Negroni, Manhattan or Royale.

Find the range at Dan Murphy’s, Boozebud, Amazon Au, and Discerning Drinks Co for $34.99 per bottle.

best summer drinks

Don Papa Rum

Everyone loves a good rum, and this one has just landed on Aussie shores. Made exclusively on the Philippine Island of Negros Occidental, known locally as ‘Sugarlandia’, Don Papa Rum is inspired by the history and mythology of Sugarlandia- a majestic experience where everything is not always as it distilled in small batches from high-quality sugar cane, the rum is then aged for seven years on the foothills of Mount Kanlaon, before being blended and bottled on Negros Island. Don Papa Rum is light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate in the mouth with a long-textured finish, offering flavours of vanilla, honey, and candied fruits. You can purchase a bottle on BoozeBud for $80.

best new summer drinks

Modus Cerveza

Modus Brewing has just launched Modus Cerveza, a crisp, easy-drinking classic beer inspired by coastal Mexico. Although it’s brewed on this side of the Pacific, this new beer inspires Aussies to enjoy a refreshingly uncomplicated summer. Modus Cerveza (4.2% ABV) is casually
crafted with innovative citrus-forward hops and traditional Mexican ingredients, and is best served with a fresh lime wedge.

You can find Modus Cerveza on shelves at Dan Murphy’s, online at Modus Brewing, or at Boozebud for $26 for a six-pack and $40 for a 12-pack.

best summer drinks

Maybe Sammy New Bottled Cocktails Range

If you’re already a fan of the originals—Chamomile Martini, Eucalyptus Gimlet, Jasmine Negroni—or the limited edition Angelo Azzurro, they’ll still remain. You’ve now got three more premium, ready-to-pour bottled cocktails to play with, thanks to the 11th-best bar in the world (2020 World’s 50 Best Bars).

You can order any bottle online for $69 for the 500ml bottles and $18 for a 100ml bottle.

best summer drinks

 Mantuano by Diplomático

The Venezuelan distillery behind this beautiful bottle continues to bring Aussies up to speed on how best to embrace rum. Housing three distinct spirits across their traditional rum range, Mantuano (setting Reserva Exclusiva and Planas aside for a hot minute) is perhaps the most versatile of the lot. Opening up with aromas of dried plums, oak, and delicate spice, this spirit is both full-bodied and well-balanced. Consider Mantuano the hypothetical manpower behind your next Sunday session. Indulge in fresh spirits, mixers, liqueurs, and fruit, keep it simple and stick to the iconic cocktails you know—enter the negroni, and rum mule, to name a few.

You can find a bottle in BWS, Dan Murphy’s, and independent liquor stores for $72.

best new summer drinks

Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Dust off the deck chair and grab your eskies. Bundaberg Distilling Company and Bundaberg Ginger Beer, makers of Australia’s favourite ginger beer, have joined forces to launch a new Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer, just in time for summer. 

Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer has been skilfully crafted by locals with real flavour-packed ingredients. It’s craft-brewed in Bundaberg over three days, using locally grown fresh ginger and freshly cut white Queensland cane spirit for a zesty ginger bite and refreshing taste. You can find them in independent bottle shops, or all leading liquor stores in early 2022.

best new summer drinks

Limited-Edition Grey Goose Vodka Night Bottle

n the spirit of playful events shared with good friends, Grey Goose Vodka has partnered with Australia’s master of entertaining- actor and model, Christian Wilkins, to launch the illuminated Grey Goose Vodka Night Vision bottle. Captured in exquisite matt blue glass, incorporating the distinctive Grey Goose logo, the 1 Litre illuminated bottle makes an impressive statement and is great for gifting. You can pick up a bottle for $90 in selected bottles shop including BWS, Liquorland and First Choice nationally.

best new summer drinks

Public Brewing Co. new range of brews

Local Yarra Valley craft brewery Public Brewing Co. has launched a range of creative brews, available for a limited time only in-store and online. You will find a smashed avo in a can, a Mexico-inspired lager, a selection of fruity sours, and a Hazy IPA. They’ve also created one named after Public Brewing Co.’s Operations Manager. Andy’s DDH Oat Cream IPA is double dry-hopped with an indulgent amount of fresh Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Check out the range here.

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