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10 Natural Wines You Should Try Right Now

Drink up.

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Having consumed a lot of it, we can say with confidence that we bloody love natural wine, but we’d be lying if we said we truly understood it.

It seems like only yesterday that someone’s boyfriend started bringing Pet Nat to our Summer BBQ parties, and although we didn’t know what it was, it looked pretty and tasted delicious.

Since then, natural wine has made a huge name for itself in the Australian wine industry as the more sustainable and healthier option. It seems to be the category that gives winemakers a bit more creative license, and we get to enjoy their experimental creations.

We caught up with Dave Hynes (@dave.likeswine on Instagram), who is proudly “not a Somme” but knows a damn lot about natty wines. He is one half of, one of Melbourne’s best online distributor and store (yes, they do delivery) for natural wine, based out of a rustic shed in Kensington.

“Natural wine is counter-culture movement amongst winemakers (and marketers) in response to the rise of growing grapes using petrochemicals,” Dave tells Thrillist Australia.

“In the space of one generation, grape farming was radically changed by the chemical inventions of the last century. Natural winemakers’ first priority is the soil – the source of everything on a vineyard.

“For me, a beautiful natural wine is like a photo of soil in liquid form – a snapshot of the biodiversity in the vineyard and the care and attention to detail of the winemaker.”

Personally, Dave doesn’t like the term “natural”. He thinks that calling natural wine just “wine” and all other wines “chemical wine”, is much more fitting.

We asked Dave his favourite natural wines to drink right now, because lord knows we have a lot of time on our hands and room in our tums.

Here are his suggestions:

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Piquette wine has low ABV and high drinkability. Tastes like punch, drinks like beer, made from grapes and water. So simple, so delicious. It’s made by adding water to grape pomace—the solids left over after grapes are pressed for wine—and then fermenting it. There are heaps of delicious Piquette-style wines, and we’ve made our own Sauced.Shop X Little Brunswick pink spritzy number.

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Dona Louisa Vientre del Uva

Chile is fascinating to me, as it has the same latitude line as central Victoria. This drop is fresh, crisp and savoury. Lighter alcohol is nice during lockdown when you’re (obviously) drinking all day.

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Catina Giardina Blanco

I think this wine only comes in magnum size (1.5 litres), but that’s okay by us because it’s honestly too good to put down. This is one of the first orange wines I ever fell in love with.

Limus Double up Aperitivo

Adelaide Hills so important for the Australian natural wine scene. They’re producing some incredible drops. Kyatt (of Limus) really nailed the Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir Rose Blend that is the Limus Double Up Aperitivo.

Claus Preisinger Zweigelt 2020

This guy is a light to medium red with fresh cherry and peppery notes. It’s a baby for it’s part of the world, being created only about 120 years ago. This baby is not too heavy, not too light, and I’d say it’s got a fun and sexy feel, similar to that of Gamay or Aussie Pinot.

Moreish Wines

Jura Wine

Jura wine is a French style of wine, made in a region in eastern France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. The taste of Jura wine is very distinctive; it has similar characteristics to sherry, with nutty, peaty, yeasty and bone dry flavours. Right now it’s super popular, and making a big name for itself in the natty wine industry as region with winemakers who are committed to making wine without additions. I’ve currently got my eyes on a winemaker called Etienne, from North Wine, making the Jura style here in central Victoria.

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Analog Qvevris

Andy from Analog Wines is making his wine in Qvevris at his property in Harcourt, just outside Castlemaine in Victoria. It’s super cool because this is how they used to make wine in Georgia thousands of years ago. This is his second vintage and if they’re anything like his first, they’ll be punchy and delicious.

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Cornelisson Munjabel Cattaratto

When I want to treat myself, I buy this wine – I know its structure and endless rolling finish is going to make me feel like I’m on a luxury sofa and we all need a bit of that right now.

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Tidy Town Range

This is a once-a-year release from Alex and Rob at Little Brunswick Co. Fresh, cheap, zero adds, and supporting local farmers by using grapes they wouldn’t have otherwise sold (sometimes a Shiraz farmer has 3 rows of sauv blanc but cant sell em, you know?).

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