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The Best Home Meal Delivery Brands To Try For When You Have 99 Other Things To Worry About

Healthy ready-made meals in a pinch.

Soulara home meal delivery
Photo: @livesoulara

Home meal delivery kits have taken off in the past years, just as online shopping moved into the grocery space, with major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths offering home delivery. The idea of having ready-made meals in the freezer is a growing demand. Although, the desire to cook also remains, with some home delivery kits opting for a hands-on approach, where customers receive a box of groceries and recipe cards. There’s no need to decide what to eat that night or what groceries you need. It’s all done for you. 

Some companies focus more on healthy meals, whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up. You will also find meal kits catering to vegan and vegetarian diets. These companies have changed the way Australians eat and shop, but it can be hard to pick the best one for you with so many options out there. 

To help you decide, we’ve rounded up the best home meal deliveries in Australia regarding flavour, cost, and health requirements.

My Muscle Chef
Photo: @mymusclechef

My Muscle Chef

The gist: My Muscle Chef is great for anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change, whether that be starting a keto diet or protein-focused meals. Each ready-made meal is dietitian-approved, offering nutritious and healthy meals. You can choose a meal plan based on your goal, including calorie control, muscle gain, and performance. Once you choose a meal plan or design a meal plan, the meals will be delivered to your door each week.  
The food: They offer over 80 meals, snacks, sides, and drinks, making it easy to find something you will like without having to eat the same thing every day. The meals come in a range of cuisines from Asian to Indian, and Australian favourites. Expect to see a cajun chicken with dirty rice on the menu, as well as lamb shanks and sweet potato mash, beef lasagne, poached barramundi, spaghetti bolognese, vegan cottage pie, and much more. 
The cost: Meals range from $9.55 to $13 each. If you choose a plan, the cost varies according to how many meals you want to be delivered in the week. This could be 20 to 28 meals. The more meals you buy the cheaper each meal becomes. The plans also include snacks and drinks. However, you can also buy an individual meal or choose how many meals you want that week. It’s flexible, and you don’t enter into a contract if you just want to buy the meals you need that week. 
How to order: You can check out the meal options here

best home meal delivery

Make-Out Meals

This gist: Make-Out Meals started in Victora but is now available in NSW and ACT. Unlike other meal delivery platforms, this one delivers chef-quality meal kits with recipes and unique ingredients by Australia’s favourite restaurants.
The food: In Melbourne, you can get meals from Entrecote, Coda, and Mamasita. In Sydney, expect to see dishes from Fei Jai, Zigi’s Wine Bar, and Foodie del Mar. Each week new meals are available, and you can pick and choose which one you want. Each delivery also comes with the restaurant’s secret ingredients, from sauces to relishes and more. Most meals can be catered for dietary requirements, including dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and nut free.
The cost: For a one-off order, you can get three meals to feed two people for $89. The subscription option costs $109 for four meals to feed two people and is delivered weekly.
How to order: You can check out the meal options here.

Soulara meals
Photo” @livesoulara


The gist: Soulara offers plant-based meals, that are packaged and ready to go. The meals are dietitian designed, offering a little something for every taste, lifestyle, and dietary requirement. You can choose any meals on the menu to be delivered to your door. They also offer plans, from seven meals per week up to 24. The more meals you buy, the cheaper each meal becomes. 
The food: They offer, breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, with the option to add snacks and drinks. The meals include lentil bolognese, jackfruit curry, pad thai, mushroom korma, peanut butter and jam oats, chia pudding, pesto pasta, and many more. 
The cost: The cost of each meal depends on what plan you choose. It comes to $11.50 per meal for seven meals, whereas 18 meals per week come down to $8.95 a meal and so on. How to order: You can see what meal plan suits you here.

Macros home meal delivery


The gist: Macros is another company delivering healthy, ready-made meals, although instead of offering individual meals, you will have to choose a plan according to your lifestyle. They have everyday plans for balance, weight loss, plant-based, and a family option. Their fitness-based plans include sculpt, perform, and gain. Once you choose a plan, the meals from that plan will be delivered to your door. 
The food: The menu is packed with globally-inspired dishes including fish pasta puttanesca, lamb and rosemary sausages, red duck curry, and hearty beef goulash—among many others. They regularly update the menu to keep things interesting. 
The cost: The costs depend on the plans and how many meals you want in a week. The family meal plan is $118.65 for seven meals per week, which works out to be $16.95 per meal. The balanced plan ranges from $10.95 per meal for seven meals that week, or $8.95 per meal for 24. 
How to order: Choose a plan and sign up here.

Marley Spoon meal delivery kit
Photo: @marleyspoonau

Marley Spoon

The gist: If you still like to cook, but don’t want the hassle of finding a recipe, and buying the ingredients, then Marley Spoon is a good option for you. They deliver pre-proportioned ingredients to your door and include the recipe cards to go with. You choose the meals you want and a delivery time, then wait for a knock at the door. 
The food: There are 27 recipes weekly to choose from, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and family-friendly. Expect, a list of delicious meals from all over the world including Malay-style chicken stir fry, Asian greens dumpling soup, bean tortillas, chicken burgers and more. Each meal is created by their in-house chefs and approved by nutritionists, so you know you’re getting healthy meals, cooked by you. 
The cost: You can choose dinner plans for two or four people. The cost depends on how many meals you want that week. For two people, you can buy four meals for $10.95 a portion. For four people, at four meals, it will cost $8.85 per portion. They don’t offer free shipping. 
How to order: You can order for weekly deliveries here.

Photo: @providoor


The gist: Providoor, for now, is only available to VIC residents. Rather than having to cook meals, Providoor is a meal delivery service bringing Melbourne’s best restaurants to your home. You can order dishes and set menus from over 35 restaurants in Melbourne. All you need to d is heat, assemble, and plate it up. Once you’ve chosen your dishes, pick a delivery date and they will deliver meals to your door with cooking instructions if there are any. 
The food: Expect dishes from the best Melbourne has to offer including Atta, Lucy Liu, The Ugly Duckling, Rumi, Cecconi’s, and more. Each meal is made by the restaurant, offering the same flavour and quality you would expect from eating at the venue. 
The cost: Prices vary depending on the dish and restaurant it’s coming from. A banquet for two from Lucy Liu costs $65, or you can get a Peking duck platter from David’s for $88. 
How to order: Browse restaurants and cuisines here.

Chef Good home meal delivery
Photo: @chefgood


The gist: Chefgood is another ready-made meal delivery service, making meals according to your dietary needs and lifestyle. They offer vegan, vegetarian, weight loss, and everyday meals. There’s a new menu every week, with deliveries happening from Saturday to Tuesday. Wednesday is the cut off date to place orders and cancel them if needed. 
The food: Each meal is calorie-controlled, with no hidden sugars. Choose from a diverse menu of meals including gnocchi carbonara, high protein chicken salad, chicken caesar wrap, Spanish rice with chorizo, and Asian tofu coleslaw. Although the menu changes weekly, so expect more. 
The cost: Prices vary on meal plans, and types of meal plans. For everyday wellness, it’s around $11.50 per meal for 10 meals. That’s five lunches and five dinners.
 How to order: You can choose a meal plan and order here.

Youfoodz home meal delivery
Photo: @youfoodz


The gist: If you want to lose weight or are considering a lifestyle change, Youfoodz, offers healthy ready-made meals, with portion control in mind. There is no lock-in contract, and they offer free next day delivery. You can also find select meals in Coles, Woolworths, IGA, and 7Eleven. 
The food: During the colder months, they offer a range of winter warmers, so you can have comfort food without the unnecessary calories. Think Shoyu beef ramen, chicken katsu curry, beef ragout and pappardelle, creamy chicken kiev, and fried chicken with gravy. For breakfast, choose from loaded breaky pie, protein oats, toasty granola, and a large breakfast option. 
The cost: Each meal costs around $9.95 or $10.95 for the larger meals. You can simply choose the meals you want, without having to opt into a plan. They also have meal deals, so keep an eye out for a discount code online. 
How to order: Order here or go in-store to find meals.

Chefprep home meal delivery
Photo: @chefprepfood


The gist: Finally, Sydney has its own Providoor, with the launch of Chefprep, a new online marketplace, delivering frozen ready-made meals from premium, award-winning restaurants. 
The food: For the time being, there are four Sydney restaurants you can order meals from. They include Bellevue Cottage, STIX, Delhi ‘O’ Delhi, Huxton’s at Bronte, Little Lagos, Bondi Hardware & I Maccheroni in Woollahra, with more to come. 
The cost: Prices vary according to restaurant and meal. Most dishes cost around $16.50 with a few priced at $20.63. 
How to order: Browse the menu and order here.

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