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Three Chefs Reveal Their Best Hangover Food Rituals

Fried chicken, Korean Pear Juice, and carbs are a must.

best hangover food

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We are all forever chasing the perfect hangover cure. Whether it’s the hair of the dog, the magical powers of Korean pear juice, or a greasy burger, we all have a go-to cure that eases a headache, settles a stomach, and can make you feel alive again after a long night of overindulgence.

For chefs, curing a hangover is a ritual. Surprisingly, their go-to dishes are far from what they are used to serving in their restaurants.

Chefs Dan Hong, Toby Worthington, and Mike Eggert dish out their hangover rituals.

Dan Hong

Executive Chef, Mr Wong, Ms G’s, and MuMu

Prevention is key to kicking a nasty hangover, in my opinion. I don’t go “out” as much anymore, but I love my wine. 

This is the formula I follow before every wine session — I’ve got it down to a fine art if I do say so myself. 

  • 1x Nexium (so food doesn’t sit in my chest, as I’m usually having a big meal with my wines) 
  • 2x Hydrodol (classic anti-hangover pill available in most pharmacies) 
  • 1x Easy Tomorrow mango jelly (a traditional Korean remedy that’s usually in tablet form — however, this jelly version is quite delicious) 
  • 1x Bae Juice (100% Korean pear juice) 
  • Then, when I get home — just before I go to bed — I drink 1L of water and have a Kwangdong Raison Power drink. It’s made from raisin concentrate and a few other things and is a legit wonder cure for hangovers. 

As for what to eat the day after, I live in Chinatown, so a noodle soup or any kind of healing broth is my go-to. Here are my favourites.  

  1. Ho Dac Biet with an extra crispy skin chicken leg on the side from Tan Viet in Darling Square. 
  2. Happy Chef, for my favourite “number 1” Cambodian-style noodle soup with extra braised tripe and beef tendons. 
  3. Gumshara Ramen, for the most chronic Tonkotsu ramen in Sydney. I like the one with the huge pork rib. 

If I can’t be bothered going out for my noodle fix, it’s instant noodles for sure. I prefer the Korean ones like Shin Ramyeon, Chapaghetti and Nongshim Kimchi Bowl. 

If my hangover happens to fall on a Sunday, I’ll chuck whatever is in the freezer into my Air Fryer — chips, hash browns, dumplings, nuggets — and wash it down with a stack of Coke Zero while watching the UFC. 

Toby Worthington

Head Chef, Quarterdeck

Number one on the list is a full English breakfast fry-up like they do at the pubs in London, and always with a hair-of-the-dog — either a nice, spicy Bloody Mary or a crisp, cold lager. 

For the fry-up, we’re talking crispy, smoked bacon, good pork sausages, two fried eggs sunny side up on decent toast, black pudding if possible, mushrooms, grilled tomato, some baked beans and a wee bit of HP sauce. It’s enough to either put you to bed or set up another night to remember.  

Second, on my list is fried chicken. Any fried bird will suffice, but KFC is the OG  — it’s proper, dirty delicious. I always get the original chicken, soft buns and potato and gravy. It’s the ultimate chicken, gravy and double carb scenario, guaranteed to send me straight into sweet, glorious coma mode.  

I only get to experience Christmas ham sandwiches on the days following Christmas each year, but I always look forward to it, especially on Boxing Day. Thick slices of left-over ham carved straight off the bone (including as much of the glazed fat as you can get away with) with an excessive amount of butter, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper on some nice, white bread. Then, take a bowl of left-over gravy from the Christmas roast and dunk away. 

Being Kiwi, we love our pies, and I can never say no to a local homemade mince and cheese pie. The best ones down here are from the Tilba Bakery, about a 20-minute drive from Narooma, and are well worth the drive, even if the head is throbbing. Always with tomato sauce, because obviously. And finally, Berocca — orange flavour —with ice and a side of ibuprofen. 

Mike Eggert

Executive Chef, Totti’s

My hangover cures revolve around the following pillars: fat, salt, sugar, and carbs. It’s not a groundbreaking formula, but it works. 

I like to start the healing journey on the ride home from the night out and strongly believe that getting something into your stomach before you go to bed is crucial for recovery. Anything will do at this stage — a kebab, fries, a Mrs. Mac sausage roll from the servo — as long as it ticks off a few of the pillars above.  

The next morning, I have a really cold, lime Gatorade and press the bottle onto my head for additional soothing benefits. I always ensure I have the Gatorade at home before I go out, in addition to Kettle Chips, which I devour alongside. 

My default option is salted-fish fried rice with extra egg if it’s a low-grade hangover. I usually get it at Eaton in Ashfield, but many places do.  

If my hangover is more chronic, it has to be fried chicken. If you’re not lucky enough to have a Korean joint or a KFC nearby — shame — then a chicken schnitzel dipped in gravy will suffice. Maggi Roast Meats gravy satchels should live in your cupboard always for these specific purposes.  

Enjoy the above on your couch while watching The Sopranos. 

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