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The Best Dipping Sauce For Your Fries, Ranked

Which is your favourite?

best dipping sauce fries
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Fries, or hot chips, however, you say it, they’re a crowd-pleaser. They’re the most popular side to a burger, a steak, or as the main event. You can never go wrong with a handful of fried, potato goodness. 

Whether you prefer the hot starchy fingers from your local takeaway shop or Mcdonald’s fries, it all comes down to what you dip it in. Some prefer the old school malt vinegar bath and others are die-hard garlic aioli dippers. One would argue, the age-old debate of tomato vs bbq rears its ugly head in the dipping conversation, so we decided to test the many, many sauces one would usually dip a fry or hot chip in an attempt to find the best dipping sauce. 

best dipping sauce fries
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14. Milkshake

It’s no surprise most Aussies didn’t like this french fry dip. Popular in America, dipping french fries into a milkshake is considered law, but here, I guess it’s illegal with grounds for floggings. 

best dipping sauce fries
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13. Malt Vinegar

Dipping fries in malt vinegar is a classic, but it seems this old-fashioned dip was either unknown or just not a crowd-pleaser. Still, most fish and chip shops around Australia offer malt vinegar as a dip.

best dipping sauce fries

12. Sriracha

Who doesn’t love a drizzle of sriracha on pizza or fried chicken? When it comes to topping a steaming pile of fries, sriracha is still an option, especially for those who love a little spice. 

best dipping sauce fries

11. Hot Sauce

What’s the difference between sriracha and hot sauce? For one, hot sauce comes in all kinds of types and flavours. One of my favourite hot sauces is from TRUFF, the truffle-infused condiment changing the game. The white truffle-infused flavour is great on fries and works well with those who can’t handle the heat, but they also have a black truffle-infused hotter sauce, that is guaranteed to add spice to your life. 

best dipping sauce fries
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10. Honey Mustard

This sweet deep is a great dipping sauce for fries, chicken nuggets, and most fast foods. It’s full of warm spices and rounded off with sweetness. If you love mustard but are looking for a sweet kick, then honey mustard is the condiment of your dreams. 

best dipping sauce fries
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9. Chicken Salt Mayo

When this squeezy bottle hit supermarket shelves, everyone raced in to try it. After all, you can never have too much chicken salt. In this case, most enjoyed it, but it couldn’t match up to the other dipping sauces in the market. 

best dipping sauce fries
Photo: @nandosaus

8. Chipotle

Chipotle sauces can be spicy, smokey, or mild. You can find a variation of chipotle in most supermarkets, including the very popular Perrinaise squeeze bottle you will find in Coles and Woolworths. The overall consensus is, chipotle is a perfectly fine accompaniment to fries. 

best dipping sauce fries
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7. Sweet Chilli

Sweet chilli will always reign supreme in the dipping sauce world. While most are content with dipping fries into a pool of sweet chilli, it’s also the perfect companion for Asian snacks, including spring rolls, dumplings, and more. 

best dipping sauce fries
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6. Sweet and Sour

Whether you’ve made your own sweet and sour sauce, or fawn over McDonald’s tubs of sweet and sour, this dip compliments fries to a tee. Although, it suits nuggets better. With that said, if you find yourself with a hand full of fries, and a tub of sweet and sour, put them together and watch the magic happen. 

best dipping sauce fries
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5. Mayo

Mayo was made for more than just sandwiches. Dip your fries into some mayo for a tasty treat. 

best dipping sauce fries
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4. BBQ sauce

Who doesn’t love BBQ sauce? It’s tangy, smokey, and vinegary all at the same time. Pair that with a thick starchy finger of a chip and you can’t go wrong. 

best dipping sauce fries
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3. Gravy

If we could swim in gravy, I think everyone would try it, at least once. Although, while we wrestle with the idea of third-degree burns, gravy is best served on top of a plate of steaming hot fries. The Canadians/ French-Canadians knew exactly what they were doing when they invented poutine. 

best dipping sauce fries
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2. Tomato Sauce

Coming in as the second-best dipping sauce for fries is tomato sauce. Whether you remember putting tomato sauce on everything, or just enjoy it, this dipping sauce is a match made in heaven for fries. 

best dipping sauce fries
Photo: @heinz_au

1. Garlic Aioli

Originating from the Mediterranean Basin, garlic aioli has squeezed its way into the hearts of Aussies as the supreme chip dip. It’s not hard to see why. You can get that punch of garlic, with the texture of mayo, and just an explosion of flavour. It works well with thick fries, beer-battered fries, and shoestring fries. No matter what fries you have, garlic aioli is the soulmate for all things potato. 

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