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Ranking Australia’s Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

They might just be the greatest snack of all time.

A McDonald's chicken nugget being dunked into tomato sauce.
Photo: Getty Images | Steve Parsons – PA Images

There are perfect snacks, and then there’s the chicken nugget. If you asked 100 people off the street to describe the perfect snack, it’s fair to assume you’d end up with something resembling the humble chicken nugget once you put all the responses together.

There’s not one meal of the day where the chicken nugget can’t slide in without fanfare, and sure, it would have its detractors when it comes to breakfast, but all of that would be quick to subside once the box is lifted out of the paper bag.

The chicken nugget was apparently invented in the 1950s, and called a ‘Chicken Crispie’ to help solve a few issues in the meat industry about ‘being able to clump ground meat without a skin’ which makes it all sound delightful. The chicken nugget really came into its own however when McDonald’s introduced the ‘Chicken McNugget’ to their menu in the late 1970s.

Most people would take a chicken nugget over a chicken tender any day, but where does the popcorn chicken land? Is it a nugget? That’s one for the chicken nugget boffins to work out.

Everyone has their favourite fast food chicken nugget, but we’ve put our heads together and ranked the best chicken nuggets you can get your hands on in Australia. So, here they are.

Hungry Jack's food on a table featuring chicken nuggets, chips, and burgers.
Photo: Hungry Jack’s

5. Hungry Jacks

They say the burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case when it comes to chicken nuggets. Yes, they’re still chicken nuggets, and they’re still delicious, but the team had them last on the list—which in a list of 5 isn’t too bad when you think about it.

Hungry Jack’s deliver their nuggets to you in packs of 3, 6, or 12. And you can make them a combo too if you like.

Sauces: BBQ, Spicy, Honey Mustard, and Sweet ‘n Sour

Grilld's HFC chicken bites.
Photo: Grill’d

4. Grill’d

A newcomer to the chicken nugget field, Grill’d have recently been making some noise with their ‘HFC’ (healthy fried chicken) bites, even showing the great Colonel Sanders getting stuck into some.

Grill’d’s chicken nuggets come in options of 6, or 9 bites, and you can get them with a sticky honey soy flavouring, or tossed in Grill’d’s own ‘Hawthorn Hot Sauce’.

Sauces: Herbed Mayo, Sweet Chilli Mayo, Tomato Relish, and Chipotle

A lot of KFC chicken nuggets on a table with dipping sauces.
Photo: KFC Australia

3. KFC

The home of chicken polarises the general public, but you can’t deny KFC’s chops when it comes to preparing chicken nuggets. KFC’s legendary chicken nuggets are available in options starting at 6 (for just $10, bargain), 10, or 24—and you can of course put those in a combo.

KFC also has the best array of sauces available of any fast food outlet peddling chicken nuggets. Has to be a big consideration when you’re deciding where to order your nuggets of gold.

Sauces: Sweet & Sour, Aioli, BBQ, ‘Supercharged’, Sweet Chilli, Tomato

Hands taking Red Rooster chicken nuggets out of a box.
Photo: Red Rooster

2. Red Rooster

The iconic Australian chicken-focussed fast food outlet has been dishing up delicious chicken nuggets since the early days.

Red Rooster has something in their back pocket when it comes to competing with other fast food outlets in Australia—their ‘Cheesy Nuggets’. It’s a big advantage, chicken nuggets that are also filled with cheese and coated in sesame seeds, they deserve more recognition.

Red Rooster serves up chicken nuggets, and cheesy nuggets in packs of 6, or 10.

Sauces: BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Tomato, Texas BBQ, Chilli Aioli, Whole Egg Mayo

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets laid out with packets of sweet 'n sour sauce.
Photo: McDonald’s Australia

1. McDonald’s

After much discussion, McDonald’s ‘Chicken McNuggets’ landed in the number 1 spot in our ranking of Australia’s best fast food chicken nuggets. They are an icon, so it’s not surprising that they’re top of the table.

McDonald’s also serve ‘Chicken McPieces’, and ‘Chicken McBites’, so they’re going with every angle when it comes to bite-sized pieces of crumbed chicken.

McDonald’s serve up their ‘McNuggets’ in packs of 3, 6, 10, or 20.

Sauces: Aoili, Sweet ‘n Sour, Big Mac Special Sauce, BBQ, Mustard, Tomato, Sriracha

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