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How The Humble Bacon And Egg Roll Evolved Beyond The Grease

A simple delight.

A bacon and egg roll from Eggholic.

When you’re in search of a breakfast that’s just going to hit the right spot, it’s hard to go past the iconic bacon and egg roll. A fluffy white roll, copious amount of bacon, and an egg that’s on the precipice of breaking and spilling everywhere—it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Growing up in the country, a bacon and egg roll was all that was on my mind on a Saturday or Sunday morning, especially if that day was filled with football or a local market. Local Lions or Rotary Club members slaving over a searing hot plate, dishing out bacon and egg rolls in a production line. All for the low, low price of whatever was in your pocket at the time.

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These days, I don’t see them around as much as i’d like. Sausage sizzles are surely the dominant fundraiser cooking activity, but you can still spy a bacon and egg roll fry up if you’re up with the birds. It also seems to be a lot harder to find them in the city. Sure, you can find an old-school cafe that’ll sling them to you, but they’re much more prevalent in cafes around regional Australia.

But what you’ll find in the city is something different. An almost gentrified version of the greasy, sticky, bacon and egg roll that I grew up devouring. In Melbourne, you’ll find the likes of Eggholic, and Beggs & Acon. In Sydney, you’ll find Three Blue Ducks with an upmarket bacon and egg roll. And the list goes on.

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But why has it taken so long for an Australian icon to be taken to the next level?

A classic bacon and egg roll from Beggs & Acon in Melbourne.
Photo: Beggs & Acon

“Aussies in general are such a well-travelled bunch. We are always looking for something new and we often get behind international brands that come to Melbourne. It makes sense that Melbourne would embrace a new take on an old classic. We’ve now also seen such a huge interest in Korean culture, not just in food, but in film, fashion and skincare. The timing for us was just right to launch this new concept with a Melbourne twist (like our Avo Boom Sandwich, which is a nod to Australian brunch culture). Eggholic is a concept that we knew people would love because it’s already something they have fond memories of.” said Iris, owner of Eggholic.

“Eggs and bacon in a sandwich is the perfect delicious grab and go item. It’s making a comeback because many of us are back to our busy lifestyles and we’re nostalgic for classic flavours. Our tastes have matured and we also want something new and exciting. An updated version of a staple. That’s why we’ve seen such massive interest in Eggholic. Egg brioche sandwiches are a huge trend in Korea and many of our customers have seen it overseas or online already.”

For chef Kyle Doody of Beggs & Acon, bringing the bacon and egg roll back into the limelight was nostalgic.

“Bacon and Eggs are made for each other and as far back as I can remember its been a familiar and comforting way to start the day. Who doesn’t want to start their day with an epic brekky right? I think the combination of soft fluffy bread roll matched with the creamiest eggs and griddle cooked bacon anointed with possibly the best hollandaise available makes this dish absolutely the must have and go to dish!

I will travel postcodes for a damn good breakfast. Our luxe Beggs hollandaise gives our breakfast roll the kick that leaps it into something extraordinary. And best of all you can eat our Beggs bacon and egg roll on the run.”

Bacon and egg doughnut by Bistro Morgan

The Beggs & Acon team have even brought egg and bacon doughnuts to the forefront, in a collaboration with baking wunderkind, Morgan Hipworth.

“I think the combo of the doughnut that eats like a brioche base with that little extra bit of sweetness and candied bacon is lush! I get the best of both worlds sweet and savoury. Definitely a cheat day meal but you won’t be disappointed. If you love the doughnut you should definitely try our head chef Jake Parks PB & J riff with molten marshmallow and crunchy cornflake coating its heaven but also equally naughty.”

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The good news is, that these bacon and egg rols of the future are selling like hotcakes. Those new to it and wanting something fresh with updated flavour combinations, as well as those who know and love bacon and egg rolls and are looking for a fix.

“We are the first to specialise solely on Korean Brioche Sandwiches in Melbourne and we’ve got fancy fusion fillings such as crab meat and bulgogi (topped with sliced boiled egg). Everything is made to order so it’s fresh and our egg is the fluffiest around. It’s similar to a scramble but with a hint of sweetness and more fluffy, which pairs so well with our fluffy brioche bread. Our bread is baked fresh every day, so we often sell out before the end of the day. We do 300 serves a day and we are now looking to scale up while maintaining quality. 

A lot of Korean food is super cute and aesthetic. People love posting about it on social media. The challenge for us is to create a product that not only looks amazing but tastes amazing too. The product is deceptively simple, but it’s hard to perfect.” said Iris cheng of Eggholic.

Now that you’re hungry for bacon and egg rolls, here are the best bacon and egg rolls around Australia.

The Best Bacon And Egg Rolls Around Australia



Box Hill & Clayton
Eggholic has a range of Korean-inspired breakfast sandwiches. Plenty of egg around, hence the name, with a lot of bacon as well. Try the ‘Garlic Bacon Cheese’ for something different.

Beggs & Acon

You can’t go past the Beggs & Acon ‘Famous Egg & Bacon Roll’ which is filled with scrambled eggs, chives, grilled bacon, hollandaise, and chilli jam on a white roll. But also consider the aforementioned ‘Egg Bacon Donut’ that features candied bacon.


Clifton Hill
While technically not a roll, the Pannino Capagnolo from Cavallini is worth a mention given its icon status. Two free range eggs, shortcut bacon, and a homemade sauce on grilled sourdough. Simple, but perfect.


Three Williams

Grab a bacon and egg version of the top notch cheeseburger from this Redfern institution.

7th Heaven Cafe

7th Heaven is dishing up probably Sydney’s best, and well known, bacon and egg roll. They chuck a hash brown on there too for good measure. You can also make it vegan, which is a bit nice.

Mosman Rowers

One of Sydney’s oldest clubs, Mosman Rowers serves up a mean bacon and egg roll. They add some Kewpie, and hot BBQ sauce to give it a bit of a different twist.



A visit to Yolk’s website will see you greeted with the sentence ‘bacon & egg rolls done well’, and that’s all you need to know. 


Spring Hill
The ‘Brekky Bagel’ from Scout is a delicious addition to this list, ditching the white crusty—ideally coated in sesame seeds—for a bagel.

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