Everything Coming to Netflix in 2021

So many new shows and movies coming in the near year.


Netflix never stops. The streaming service has never been in the business of “less is more”-instead favoring pumping out original series, movies, and documentaries by the dozen-and 2021 is no different. A not insignificant number of movies, as well as new and returning series, are already slated for a 2021 premiere, and many more will inevitably be on the way. 

Its model of cracking out releases, on top of licensing popular shows and movies has its flaws, since not everything can be an Emmy or an Oscar contender (see duds like The Last Days of American Crime or hate-watches like Emily in Paris), but it does pull impressive talents to the streamer (David Fincher! Spike Lee! Shonda Rhimes!) which allows for more than a few binge-worthy gems (including The Queen’s Gambit) to find a massive audience. Here’s a regularly updated list of what to look out for on Netflix in 2021, from true-crime docuseries to highly anticipated movies, so you know what to add to your queue. 


February 12

Buried by the Bernards (New reality series)
An offbeat reality series, this focuses on the Bernard family who run an unorthodox, affordable funeral home and help others grieve. 

Nadiya Bakes (New reality series)
Great British Baking Show winner Nadiya Hussain is another series after Nadiya’s Time to Eat. In Nadiya Bakes, the lovable baker makes a series of confectionary creations and spotlights other talents in the kitchen.  

To All The Boys: Always And Forever (New movie)
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Netflix is giving us the third and final installment in the To All The Boys… rom-com series. Set before Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky head off to college, and spend time apart as she travels to South Korea, the last chapter to their love story tests whether their relationship is one that can endure hardship. 

February 15

The Crew (New series)
Kevin James stars in this new comedy as a NASCAR crew chief who finds himself at odds with his new, younger team as they try to modernize how things are done.  

February 17

Behind Her Eyes (New series)
Sarah Pinborough’s popular novel is getting the miniseries treatment. The thriller should be full of salacious twists over the course of six episodes, following a single mother whose life is turned upside down when she finds herself in an affair with her new psychiatrist boss, and later befriends his wife.


February 19

I Care A Lot (New Movie)
Rosamund Pike plays a scammer who cons elderly people into making her their legal guardian in this dark comedy. When she takes on a new client who has an equally ruthless living relative played by Peter Dinklage, though, she finally meets her match.

Tribes of Europa (New series)
According to this upcoming fantasy teen series, in just 70 years Europe will be broken up into microstates that operate like tribes fighting for dominance. The German post-apocalyptic show follows three siblings who set out to course-correct the continent’s fate and bring it back together. 

February 23

Pelé (New documentary)
A sports documentary about Brazilian soccer player Pelé, who is widely regarded as the greatest of all time. 

February 24

Canine Intervention (New reality series)
If your good boy or girl is maybe actually sort of naughty, you might be able to pick up some new dog training tips and tricks from this reality series. The show follows Oakland-based dog trainer Jas Leverette who is called upon to help treat the behavioral issues of even the most challenging canines. 

Ginny & Georgia (New series)
A drama about the titular mother-daughter duo-the daughter Ginny often being much more mature than her mother-who move to a small town for a fresh start, which proves to be challenging when secrets from Georgia’s past resurface.

February 26

Call Me Crazy (New movie)
A dark Spanish comedy about a man who checks himself into a psychiatric hospital in order to spend more time with a woman who lives there after he spends one special night with her.

Colleen Hayes/Netflix
Colleen Hayes/Netflix
Colleen Hayes/Netflix

March 3

Moxie (New movie)
Amy Poehler directs this teen film, and also stars in it as a riot grrrl-or, rather, a former riot grrrl. Moxie is an adaptation of Jennifer Mathieu’s novel of the same name, following a high schooler who starts an underground zine when she finds herself fascinated with her mother’s rebellious past and fed up with the sexist, inappropriate behavior of her classmates. 

March 8

Bombay Rose (New movie)
A festival hit and hailed for its frame-by-frame painted animation, Bombay Rose is an animated film from India about a Hindu woman who flees an arranged marriage and falls for a Muslim flower seller. 

March 10

Dealer (New series)
This French thriller series unfolds in the form of found-footage, revealing a gang war that a young music video director gets caught up in when he agrees to shoot a video for a drug dealer trying to break into the rap scene. 

Last Chance U: Basketball (New docuseries)
The makers of the excellent sports docuseries Last Chance U are back with more, this one moving from the football field to the basketball court. The drama focuses on the community college team the East Los Angeles College Huskies on their journey to play the California state championship. 

Marriage or Mortgage (New reality series)
Netflix’s latest reality show is like HGTV meets TLC. The show asks couples to decide between their dream wedding and their dream home, as a star realtor and wedding planner presents them with each and tries to win them over.


March 12 

The One (New series)
Aren’t we all just looking for the one? This series, based on John Marrs’ sci-fi novel, imagines a future where finding that predestined soulmate is as easy as looking at a DNA sample. 

Yes Day (New movie)
Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez lead this family movie about parents who commit to saying “yes” to everything their kiddos request for one day. What could go wrong?!

March 15

Struggle Alley (New movie)
Set in Istanbul, this drama follows a man who works in a waste warehouse and one day discovers a young boy hiding out there, becoming determined to reunite him with his family.

March 19

Country Comfort (New series)
This show sounds like the country western version of The Sound of Music. TV musical fave Katharine McPhee of Smash fame plays a struggling country singer who takes a job as a nanny for a cowboy named Beau, and finds hope again when she forms a band with his kids. Yeehaw!

Sky Rojo (New series)
If you’re bummed that Money Heist is wrapping up with its next season, Sky Rojo might be able to fill the void. The show comes from the same creators, and is a high stakes action-packed adventure that follows three women on the run from their pimp and his henchmen. 

April 23

Shadow and Bone (New series)
Netflix has another big-budget fantasy series on the way. This one’s inspired by Leigh Bardugo’s popular books, the Grisha trilogy, and set in a frightening world of perpetual darkness, where one teenaged orphan discovers she has a power that may be able to help save her nation. 


Release date TBA

Army of the Dead (New movie)
Zack Snyder has made more than a few action epics and superhero blockbusters, and now he’s venturing into the zombie movie zone. It’s not just any zombie movie, though. It’s a zombie heist movie in which Dave Bautista and Tig Notaro plan to orchestrate a full-blown Las Vegas-set heist in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. 

Atypical, Season 4
The thoughtful dramedy about a now-freshman college student on the autism spectrum is wrapping up its run with a final season. Clickbait (New series)
If social media wasn’t already overwhelming enough, now there’s a whole sub-genre of shows about how social media is bad. Clickbait, a new miniseries featuring Zoe Kazan and Adrian Grenier is one of those, about eight different perspectives that provide clues into who might have committed a disturbing crime fueled by social media. 

Dead to Me, Season 3 
It’s time for Ben’s (James Mardsen) dark secrets to take front-and-center in the upcoming season of this addictive series. Stock up on plenty of wine before the Thelma and Louise of streaming-Judy (Linda Cardellini) and Jen (Christina Applegate)-come crashing back onto your screens with their sometimes murderous intent.  

Dear White People, Season 4
It’s senior year for Justien Simien’s Dear White People series and the Black students fighting the embedded institutional racism at the mostly white Winchester University. Before graduation day (er, the finale), radio host Sam White (Logan Browning), Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), investigative journalist Lionel Higgins (DeRon Horton), and co. clash with the mysterious secret order that maintains the university’s prestige at all costs.

Don’t Look Up (New movie)
Adam McKay’s (Anchorman, The Big Short) latest is as star-studded a blockbuster as they come. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCarprio lead the cast as two astronomers tasked with informing the public that a destructive comet is approaching Earth, and supporting them is an ensemble featuring the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Chris Evans, music stars Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, and many others. 

Fear Street (New movie)
Horror fans, get excited: An adaptation of R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name about a group of teenagers in a small Ohio town investigating a string of murders that seem to be connected is coming to Netflix. Fear Street and its sequels were originally supposed to be released in theaters with years in between them, but because the movies were all shot at once, Netflix will release them with one month a part sometime in 2021. 

The Harder They Fall (New movie)
Idris Elba, LaKeith Stanfield, and Regina King are heading west. The three lead the cast in this highly anticipated Western about a man out for revenge against the man who murdered his parents. 

Hit and Run (New series)
This thriller series from the creators of the Israeli crime drama Fauda follows a man who goes on an intense mission to track down the person who killed his wife in a hit and run. I Think You Should Leave, Season 2
What delights could the second season of Tim Robinson’s dare-we-say comedy masterpiece contain? Honestly, we couldn’t even begin to predict, but if it’s anything like the first set of sketches, it will be absolutely incredible.

Into the Deep (New documentary)
This documentary began as filmmaker Emma Sullivan’s attempt to profile Danish inventor Peter Madsen in 2016, but became something much bigger after Madsen shockingly murdered journalist Kim Wall aboard his self-made submarine the following year. 

Kissing Booth 3 (New movie)
To All the Boys… isn’t the only Netflix teen rom-com series wrapping up this year. The final Kissing Booth movie is also on the way, so fans will finally find out which of the Flynn brothers really has Elle’s heart. 

Midnight Mass (New series)
Director Mike Flanagan can’t stop churning out that creepy Netflix content. Before The Haunting of Bly Manor even hit the streamer in October 2020, the spooky filmmaker started shooting his latest new series in August. Taking place on a desolate island, it follows disturbing events that start to unfold among the community there when a mysterious young priest arrives.

Night Teeth (New movie)
Alfie Allen stars in this thriller as a chauffeur who drives two young women (Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry) to parties in LA, and follows his night that turns into a twisty ride as he learns his passengers are not who they claim to be. 

Ozark, Season 4
The final season of the tense Missouri-set money laundering saga will be nothing short of shocking, we expect. The Byrdes keep getting deeper in bed with dangerous people-now, the cartel boss Omar Navarro and the FBI-and it’s only a matter of time until the blocks crumble beneath them, sending their family and associates into a free fall.   

Peaky Blinders, Season 6
Our Peakies! The biggest question at hand after a doozy of a fifth season in Steven Knight’s English mob series is: Who betrayed Tommy Shelby and caused his plan to take out political rival and literal fascist Oswald Mosley to fail? (We have some thoughts.)Pieces of Her (New series)
Toni Collette leads the cast in this adaptation of Karin Slaughter’s popular thriller about a woman who tries to stop an active shooter, and the effects it has on her relationship with her daughter who feels she witnesses a change in her mother after the traumatic interference. 

Red Notice (New movie)
Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds all star in this action film that follows an Interpol agent tracking down the world’s most-wanted art thief. 

Robin Robin (New movie)
Okay, cute: Gillian Anderson and Richard E. Grant voice little critters in a tale about a bird raised by mice who sets off to discover more about her own kind. 

Sex Education, Season 3
Class will be back in session for the horny high schoolers of Moordale Secondary, and there’s plenty of unfinished drama waiting for us, including Jean’s unexpected pregnancy, Eric and Adam’s relationship, Maeve’s tragic home life, and whatever the hell Otis is up to.

Stranger Things, Season 4
The Hawkins crew has to figure out how to get Hopper out of Russia in the next season of Stranger Things, presumably digging into its ’80s-ness with its own interpretation of the Cold War.

tick, tick… BOOM (New movie)
Lin Manuel Miranda may be known for penning and starring in Broadway hits In the Heights and Hamilton, but now he’s heading behind the director’s chair, too. Tick, tick… BOOM, which stars Andrew Garfield, marks Miranda’s directorial debut and tells the story of an aspiring theater composer in NYC with his sights set on writing the next great musical. 

A Week Away (New movie)
Hallelujah! The Lord hath brought Netflix a Christian teen movie musical. A Week Away stars Kevin Quinn as a young man who is forced to choose between either going to juvie or a religious summer camp, and in choosing the camp meets a summer regular (Bailee Madison) who changes his life.

The Witcher, Season 2
Toss another coin to your local Witcher: Henry Cavill’s brooding, wandering monster hunter Geralt of Rivia is coming back this year with all the Hmm’s and Fuck’s you could hope for. Video game and book series fans should be in for a little treat-we’re betting Season 2 is adapting the first book of the main Witcher series, Blood of Elves. Ciri could be much older; Yennifer should still be on a mission to become the greatest sorcerer; Jaskier, without a doubt, will still be penning his annoyingly catchy bard songs. You can’t escape destiny, Geralt.

The Woman in the Window (New movie)
Amy Adams hive: Assemble. The actress stars in this thriller based on the novel of the same name about a woman with agoraphobia who witnesses a disturbing crime in the window across from her apartment.
You, Season 3
Murderous creep Joe (Penn Badgley) sets his eyes on a new target of obsession, blonde neighborwoman Natalie, who he peeped engrossed in a book he almost certainly has at least five opinions on. Such wandering eyes when his girlfriend, the equally bloodlusting Love (Victoria Pedretti), is so pregnant! For shame, Joe. Season 3 will also feature an ensemble of the finest LA stereotypes, including a wellness guru, “momfluencer,” and tech venture capitalist. Need help finding something to watch? Sign up here for our weekly Streamail newsletter to get streaming recommendations delivered straight to your inbox.


Where to Celebrate Lunar New Year 2023 in Australia

And what it means to be in the year of the Rabbit.

where to celebrate lunar new year australia

Starting with the new moon on Sunday, January 22, this Lunar New Year ushers in the year of the Rabbit. We’ve put together a guide on celebrating the Lunar New Year in Australia.

What is special about the year of the Rabbit?

As you might know, each year has an animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac, which is based on the moon and has a 12-year cycle. This year, we celebrate the year of the rabbit, known to be the luckiest out of all twelve animals. It symbolises mercy, elegance, and beauty.

What celebrations are taking place and how can I get involved?

There are plenty of festivals happening all around the country which you can get involved with. Here they are per state.

New South Wales

Darling Harbour Fireworks
When: Every year, Sydney puts on a fireworks show, and this year, you can catch it on January 28 and February 4 at 9 pm in Darling Harbour.

Dragon Boat Races
When: Witness three days of dragon boat races and entertainment on Cockle Bay to usher in the Lunar New Year. The races will commence on January 27 and finish on January 29.

Lion Dances
When: Catch a traditional Lion Dance moving to the beat of a vigorous drum bringing good luck and fortune for the Lunar New Year. The dance performances will happen across Darling Harbour on Saturday, January 21, Sunday, January 22, and Sunday, February 4 and 5, around 6 pm and 9 pm.

Lunar New Year at Cirrus Dining
When: Barangaroo’s waterfront seafood restaurant, Cirrus, is celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with a special feast menu. Cirrus’ LNY menu is $128pp with optional wine pairing and is available from Saturday, January 21, to Sunday, February 5.

Auntie Philter
When: Hello Auntie’s owner and executive chef, Cuong Nguyen will be dishing out some of the most classic Vietnamese street foods with his mum, Linda. All of Philter’s favourites will be on offer, as well as Raspberry Pash Beer Slushies and other cocktails being served at the Philter Brewing rooftop bar on Sunday, January 22 and Sunday, January 29.


Lunar New Year Festival
When: Ring in the Lunar New Year with food, music, arts, and more on Sunday, January 22, from 10 am to 9 pm.

Lunar New Year at the National Gallery of Victoria
When: Celebrate the year of the rabbit at the National Gallery of Victoria’s festival of art, food, and art-making activities for everyone from 10 am-5 pm.


BriAsia Festival
When: From February 1-19, Brisbane will come alive with performances, including lion dances and martial arts displays. There will be street food, workshops, comedy and more.

South Australia

Chinatown Adelaide Street Party
When: Adelaide is set to hose a fun-filled day celebrating the Chinese New Year on Saturday, January 28, from 12 pm to 9 pm.

Western Australia

Crown Perth
When: Across January and February, Crown Perth hosts free live entertainment, including colourful lion dances, roving mascots, and drumming performances. The restaurants will also throw banquets and menus dedicated to the Lunar New Year.

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