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7 Crazy Drinking Games from Around the World

Cassandra Hannagan / Getty
Cassandra Hannagan / Getty
Cassandra Hannagan / Getty

The U.S. certainly has its fair share of drinking games. From classic Quarters to college favorite Beer Pong to the dangerous game of Stump, we Americans know how to pass the time while competitively encouraging each other to drink. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t above a little gamified imbibing. If you’ve tired of the same old drinking games from the U.S. of A., try one of these drinking games from around the world. Some are fun, some are strange, and at least one should never be attempted by any sane person without a death wish.

Goon of Fortune

The Country: Australia

The Drink: Boxed Wine

The Rules: Based very loosely on Wheel of Fortune, this Aussie game puts the space bags of wine (or goonsacks as they’re known in the game) to work. First, attach a bag of wine to the arm of a Hills Hoist (a rotating clothes line) using a clothes pin. Players stand or sit around the perimeter of the Hoist. Then, one player spins the clothes line. When the bag stops spinning, the closest person to the bag must drink from it. The game ends when everyone gets sick of playing and decides to go race a kangaroo or watch Aussie rules football instead.


The Country: Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Drink: Beer

The Rules: Forget the beer mile. This challenge is the true competition for those who like to combine drinking and running. Teams of two grab a case of beer and race to the finish line (which is usually 5-12 kilometers away). Seems easy? Here’s the catch: A team cannot cross the finish line until they finish the entire case of beer. Be sure to keep all your cans or bottles and caps. This is an eco-friendly drinking game.

Pence or Pennying

The Country: U.K.

The Drink: Beer or wine

The Rules: This one’s pretty easy, which means it’s also pretty fun. Everyone pours themselves a nice, full pint of beer or glass of wine. Then, everyone goes about their business, chatting and enjoying themselves, all the while wary of their fellow partiers. If someone manages to slip a penny into someone’s glass, that person must finish their drink (also known as “saving the drowning queen” because British coins are emblazoned with the queen’s face). There are a lot of other rules to add on, including double pennying (which results in the second pennier having to drink) or challenging the pennied person to name the year of the coin, but the standard game is good enough without all of that.

Bear Paw

The Country: Russia

The Drink: Beer and Vodka

The Rules: Here’s the first rule: Don’t play this game. It’s not a good idea. But if you’re curious, here are the actual “rules.” A group of masochists sit around in a circle and pass around a mug of beer. After every sip, the mug is topped off with vodka. This continues until the mug is filled almost entirely with vodka. And then you do it all again, topped it off with beer until you are left with a mug full of brewski. That’s the entire game.

Irish Quarters

The Country: Ireland

The Drink: Beer

The Rules: The Irish version of Quarters is similar to the American version of the game in that it involves a quarter. But that’s where it ends. To play, one person spins a coin, with the aim of keeping the coin spinning for as long as possible. While the coin spins, that player chugs their beer and then refills their cup, before grabbing the coin. If they are able to grab the coin before it stops spinning, they pass it onto the next person. If not, it starts all over again.


The Country: Germany

The Drink: Beer

The Rules: First, make sure you have a good amount of space-this is a good game to play outside on a lawn. Place an empty bottle on the ground, and divide the group into two teams. The teams should face each other and be about 10 paces away from the bottle. Then, each team takes turns throwing something (a tennis ball, a rock, a potato) at the bottle. When someone knocks the bottle over, a person from the opposing team must run out, set the bottle upright and run back to their line. While that is happening, everyone on the other team (the team that hit the bottle over) starts drinking. The first team to finish their drinks wins. Note: Whenever a team isn’t drinking, those drinks must be firmly on the ground.

Napkin, Beer, Cigarette

The Country: South Korea

The Drink: Beer

The Rules: Players sit in a circle around a table with a glass in the middle of the circle. Each player should have a drink. To set up, place a paper napkin over the glass and balance a coin on top. Then, players light a cigarette (herbal cigarettes work) and take turns burning holes in the napkin. If the coin falls into the glass after your turn, you finish your drink.

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