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10 Drinking Games Every Self-Respecting Adult Should Know How to Play

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Just because you’re all grown up and drinking fancy Martinis out of real glassware doesn’t mean you can’t let your hair down every now and then to play a drinking game. Though they are most commonly associated with college dorm rooms and trash cans full of Jungle Juice, drinking games are fun to play no matter how old and mature you are. And even if you opt out, you should still know the rules. Here are 10 drinking games that everyone should know:

Beer Pong

Tossing ping-pong balls into cups (or hitting them into cups with a handle-less ping-pong paddle, if you choose to play the Dartmouth College way, aka the best way) is a delightful way to pass the time. You can play with the straightforward rules (teams take turns lofting balls in an effort to sink them into their opponents’ cups; when a player sinks a ball, the opposing team drinks) or you can mix it up with any of these fun beer pong variations.

Kings Cup (aka Ring of Fire)

The perfect game to play when you have some beer, a pack of cards and nothing else, Kings Cup (or Ring of Fire, depending on who you ask) is a simple game once you know the meaning behind every card. Find out how to play Kings Cup like a pro, invest in a deck of cards and never fear a humdrum party again.

Flip Cup

If you have a table and you have plastic cups and you have beer, then you can play Flip Cup. Like Beer Pong, Flip Cup requires a modicum of coordination. You must be able to chug your beer and flip your cup in a timely manner, or else face the wrath of your fellow losing teammates.

Edward Fortyhands

Edward Fortyhands isn’t much of a game, but it’s still fun to play. Each player duct-tapes a 40-ounce bottle of alcohol (typically malt liquor) to each of their hands (usually with the help of other players). And then they drink. The tape cannot be removed until all liquids have been consumed. If it seems easy now, just wait until nature calls and you’re only 20 ounces in.


Players take turns attempting to bounce a quarter (or similarly sized coin) into a shot glass or cup filled with alcohol. Get the quarter in the cup and you can pass the drink to another player to consume. There are many, many, many variations on this once simple game, but the basic rules work just fine.

Sevens, Elevens, Doubles

Grab yourself a pair of dice, a few buddies and some beers, and give this underrated game a go. Each player takes turns rolling the dice. If they roll a 7, 11 or doubles, then they tell another player to drink. The minute the drinker touches the glass, the first player starts rolling again. If the drinker finishes the drink before the player rolls another 7, 11 or doubles, then the dice are passed to the next player to the left. If not, the player refills the drink and the drinker tries again. Like many of these games, there are more nitpicky rules to this game, but those basics should see you through.

Ride the Bus

Like Ring of Fire, this is another great drinking game to play with a deck of cards. While it’s simple once you know what you’re doing, the gameplay is fairly detailed. Read up on all the rules and then give it a go the next time you want to mix up your drinking card game repertoire.


Grab a pint glass, fill it with beer and place it at the center of a table. Then, place as many smaller glasses as there are players around the pint glass, and fill them with beer. Players take turns attempting to bounce a quarter into other players’ glasses. If a player makes it into another player’s glass, that player has to drink their small glass. If someone bounces the quarter into the pint glass, everyone must drink their assigned glasses. The last person to finish drinking has to drink the pint glass. It’s like next-level Quarters.

Boat Race

All you need to do to be good at a Boat Race is drink. Two teams face off against each other in a line. Beers are poured and placed in front of each team member on a table. When the race starts, the first person in each line starts drinking. The next person in line cannot pick up their glass until the person ahead of them finishes their drink and holds it upside down over their head. The first team to run through all players wins.


Here’s a game you should definitely know about just so you can say, “No, thanks,” if someone suggests a few rounds. It is a dangerous drinking game involving hammers and nails and tree stumps, and it is particularly popular in the Philadelphia area. Players circle around a tree stump, taking turns flipping a hammer and slamming it down on a nail in front of another player. If the nail goes in, the other player drinks. If the hammering player misses, they drink. Now you know what you’re in for if a Philly phriend of yours hands you a hammer and a beer.

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